Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Time To Speak

Freedom of Speech vs. the fascist pigs would be a better title for this entry. But suffice it to say that the ability to be able to voice an opinion is a sacred right to be defended by any means possible. A free press is absolutely mandatory in a free Society. As a matter of fact without a free press tyranny would rule supreme.

No longer can anyone say with authority that any individual exercising that right of free speech is not worthy of being heard, simply because they are not considered to be a part of the main stream media.

Today, more than ever before, the ability to communicate thoughts to large audiences via the internet is not only possible, it is mandatory. From small towns to large population centers to a worldwide readership, bloggers have changed the face of media. That change brings into focus new ideas in classification and perceptive of what media is.

Today anyone who reports news or makes that news a part of the mainstream discussion is a part of media. Anyone who comments on news is a news commentator. Granted they might not do it with the finesse of a Rush Limbaugh or a Sean Hannity, but still it remains commentary. Anyone who delves into the news, who seeks to learn the facts in an effort to get to the truth and shine a light on “Talk of the Town” in that effort is an investigative journalist.

The mainstream media might not like that idea and small town politicians might be somewhat uncomfortable with the idea, still when one seeks to lay bare the truth it qualifies as a newsworthy effort. The enlightened among the mainstream media already have learned an important lesson. It is simply this; that by working with the blog crew many stories might very well come into view which the mainstream media can then run with. This is something which the mainstream media should always consider.

Mainstream and blogger share one common truth. And that is that the only thing that is of value is the truth and getting to the bottom line. All who act in a responsible way are afforded the protections of the Constitution in an effort to preserve free speech. To not exercise that right in a responsible way is to weaken the foundation upon which that freedom is built.

Yes, it is time to speak out in defense of the right to speak. A time to say what we believe. A time to say what I believe. Who am I, you ask? I am Snake Oil Sam, and I will not allow someone who has a political connection to some who think that they hold some sort of power over me to silence me. Never! If it is true, then it can be said. Not only can it be said, indeed it must be said.
Snake Oil Sam
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