Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Truth about Talk Radio

The truth about talk radio is that it tends to only represent the issue under consideration on the side of the talk show host. Those who listen to talk radio tend to be of the same bent as the host. That is not to say that there are not those who stand on the opposite side of the fence who both listen and call the show.

The same can be said of programming leaning both left and right of center. Some talk show hosts will give a fair hearing to all callers and allow open dialogue. Others such as Michael Savage who describes himself a “Nationalist” will often be heard to insult anyone who opposes his viewpoint.

Yet even Savage can be quite fair at times depending on his degree of rage at the time of the call. And Michael Savage lives on the edge of rage most of the time. He seems to thrive on rage though he will often be heard to say that he has to give up the show because of his health.

Sometimes he will insult the caller who disagrees with him and at other times give such a caller plenty of opportunity to speak. In all fairness Savage will just as quickly insult the intelligence of those who agree with him if they don’t make an intelligent call. What he seems to seek most of all is honesty. He is not bound by party affiliation and has no friends in the “beltway.”

Perhaps that is the saving grace of Michael Savage. No matter what your view on talk radio is, one thing that is for certain is that Michael Savage and his “Savage Nation” is often one of the most balanced and honest talk shows currently in syndication. Someday Savage will simply turn off the studio lights and sail off into the sunset. That will be a sad day for talk radio indeed.

Snake Oil Sam
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