Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Jersey City University Concert Series

A very special concert has been scheduled in honor of the memory of Sonya Moskowitz at The New Jersey City University, Jersey City, New Jersey. Moskowitz is attributed as founder of “Friends of Music and Art of Hudson County.” The concert, in tribute to Sonya, will feature Victoria Wefer, soprano along with Carmela Sinco, piano.

, who has delighted both her New York City audiences at the Amato Opera along with royalty in Europe, is a truly gifted performer who prides herself with the ability to capture the essence of the composition. Perfection would not be the correct word to describe her talent. Such dedication to the art form exceeds the word perfection. Simply stated, to not hear this gifted voice is to not hear the voice of angels on high.

likewise is a gift to those who delight in the sound of a well tuned Grand Piano. From a gentle touch of the keyboard to the maximum range of the instrument in concert stage performance she will make you lean out of your seat as she hits every note. Always the perfectionist, her focus is like a laser beam on target as she plays the musical notes before her. Though reading the notes one gets the sense that she has so well rehearsed the music that she could do it in the dark, blindfolded.

Besides being able to play the music of the masters, Sinco has now ventured into composition of her own work which will be featured in what is slated to be the (world premiere) performance of her own compositions along with works of Mozart, Strauss, Poulenc, Satie, Buencamino, Valverde and others. Also featured in this concert will be the (world premiere) work of Boury.

The concert is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, November 12th 2006 beginning at 3PM. All are invited to enjoy this portion of the now well known “Town and Gown Concert Series.” The concert will be held at Ingalls Recital Hall (Rossey 101), Rossey Hall, N.J.C.U. at Jersey City, New Jersey.

There will be no charge for admission to this tribute concert and there will be plenty of onsite parking which is offered to the availability and use of attendees at no charge. So if it is your desire to have an enjoyable afternoon, mark your calendar and be sure to set the date.

Dress is generally casual and the hall is very comfortable but somewhat smaller than might be needed so allow a little extra travel time and arrive a little early for seating. Every seat in the hall is a good seat.

A reception will follow the recital.
Snake Oil Sam
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Quest Diagnostics Launches New Information Website

In an effort to educate the general public about the importance which the medical diagnostic laboratory plays in the delivery of quality healthcare, Quest Diagnostics has recently launched a new informational website.

Quest Diagnostics believes that it is important that the patient, in his/her own interest, take the responsibility of assuring that their individual healthcare professional understand that they will not settle for just any laboratory. Since the results received by the medical professional are going to be utilized in determining the appropriate course of treatment it is vital that the doctor have the most accurate information available.

Quest Diagnostics believes that they are the laboratory of choice. Because of their commitment to people, the patient can be assured that each specimen collected by Quest Diagnostics is treated as the important thing which it is, recognizing that the health of the patient is bound to that specimen and the proper handling of it at every level.

Snake Oil Sam having reviewed the new website
must say that the site could use a little tweak. I was not very impressed by the design of this site and feel that it needs to reflect the true quality and professionalism of this company. Sadly I must report that it does not accomplish that goal at this moment in time.

I sincerely hope that those responsible for this initiative make the necessary changes very soon. It is not simply a matter of content it is a matter of how well the site looks. And this site is in need of a doctor’s tender loving care.

If you wish you might want to look at the official
Quest Diagnostics
site for other information concerning this fine company.
Snake Oil Sam
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Teterboro Airport Arrestor Bed Mishap

A newly installed $8.5 million dollar aircraft arrestor bed is damaged. Estimate of repair $15,000.00 and on the positive side it was seen as a good test. Recently Snake Oil Sam was at one of his haunts near Teterboro Airport when he noticed a couple of News Choppers hovering above the airport. Now my first thought was that a traffic accident has taken place on Route 46 which is not anything out of the ordinary.

Then I thought could it be that once again an aircraft had a mishap. That also is something which is not out of the ordinary at what has been referred to as one of the most important airports in the United States. This once small airport just outside of New York City is home to many private and corporate jets.

Upon further inspection it was determined that indeed it was a jet off the runway. As reported the following day in The Record, on Friday, October 27, 2006 it was a Challenger 600 which is a substantial aircraft. Apparently the pilot had become confused as to the taxi procedure and wandered onto a newly installed arrestor bed.

The arrestor bed had been installed by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as a safety feature after another jet, which after aborting a takeoff, had crossed the grass, slammed through a perimeter fence, jump across a drainage ditch crossed all four lanes and a grass median of Route 46 hitting several cars in the process, careened through a parking lot hitting more cars and eventually stopping after slamming through a brick wall of a nearby building.

In this most recent incident the aircraft was only traveling at about ten miles per hour. It is debatable in my view if the arrestor bed will be able to stop a craft which aborts takeoff and hits the arrestor bed at perhaps 120 miles per hour. If it works then that would be great.

In this event it is not likely that the Challenger 600 would have gone beyond the grass even had the arrestor bed not been present. As a matter of fact it is possible that the incident would not have taken place if the arrestor bed had not been installed.

It seems that the area should be painted in such a way as to cause all pilots to recognize that it is not the standard tarmac and that it is off limits to any craft. According to the article in The Record the arrestor bed was constructed with funding provided by the F.A.A. at a cost of $8.5 million dollars.

That amount of money seems to be a substantial sum for what is described as lightweight concrete blocks. Is it possible that about a quarter of an acre of concrete blocks could cost anywhere near that amount? It seems to me that someone has a brother-in-law in the business. But after all this is New Jersey.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michael Savage and Arrogance

Perhaps Michael Savage is one of the most intelligent well educated and well spoken talk show hosts in America today. But in addition to those things he is also one of the most arrogant! To say that he is egotistical is to understate the fact.

In his program of October 24 he made no bones about the fact that it was his audience who holds the balance of power in the upcoming national election. To consider that his audience is not also the conservative Republican audience of Hannity and Limbaugh is ludicrous.

Certainly there are those who listen to and follow Savage who have lost interest in the words of Hannity and Limbaugh, viewing them as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, indeed mere Bushbots, but still there is a large crossover factor to be considered.

What do I mean by crossover factor? Many fans of Savage are still dearly loyal to both Hannity and Limbaugh. Indeed it was yours truly, Snake Oil Sam, who by way of writing a letter to the then W.A.B.C. station manager John Minelli years ago which brought national media attention to the then local talk show host, Hannity, resulting in his national syndication.

Savage by way of carefully stated words has placed himself in position that no matter what the outcome of the election, he will look like he stated the correct outcome that it is he and he alone that holds true power of the outcome of this election. He holds his decision on weather to vote Republican, his only choice as he states that he will never vote Democrat, or to simply sit out the election. He advises his audience to make up their own mind.

By not advising his audience about what to do with their vote, by not coming out and campaigning strongly for the Republican Party as Hannity and Limbaugh have done, by being wishy washy, Savage leaves the door open to later spin the issue anyway he desires since he has not taken a firm stand and called his listeners to support his position.

Therefore he maintains his self created and arrogant illusion that he and he alone holds the power, by way of his words, over the future direction of American politics. Give us a break Mike. Yes, you are an important player in the inner circle even though you don’t get the invitation to the beltway parties. Yes they do hear your words though not admitting it publicly. But please maintain a modicum of balance. You sir are a gear in the clock. Indeed, one of the seventeen Swiss jewels. Yes, a player but not the entire watch.

Still Savage made some very good points about the place that the Republican National Committee has occupied in the marketplace of Talk Radio that might very well threaten the nature of talk radio.

As Savage stated conservative talk radio is becoming one big political advertisement for the Republican Party. That is something which Democrats can use down the road in arguing for the return of the fairness doctrine.

One of the main reasons why Michael Savage is today one of the most important voices in Talk Radio, if not the most impirtant, is the very fact that he is not a part of the “good old boy” network of talkers. Savage has not sold his soul. He is perhaps the only true independent thinker left in America. That is or at least should be something which scares the heck out of everybody.

No, not because Michael Savage is an independent thinker, but because everyone else isn’t. The United States of America cannot continue to exist in freedom without independent thinking. If conservatives sellout to a party dogma because it seems like the right path then they had better do a little review of the worlds history of people who lock stepped to political dogma.

So, even though Michael Savage might not be the only player on the field he is certainly far more than a cheerleader on the sidelines. This article is not written so much to criticize Savage as much as it is written to let a little air out of his head so that it doesn’t explode since America cannot afford to loss him.

Michael, take some aspirin and call us in the morning.

Snake Oil Sam
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Friday, October 20, 2006

Religion, Veils and the Price of Hurt Feelings

Rare indeed is the individual who has not at some time or other had feelings hurt. We have all had our feelings hurt by the words or actions of others at some point in time. But what are hurt feelings really worth?

In London a Muslim teacher was suspended from her teaching job for failing to remove her veil during lessons. Aishah Azmi, 24, insisted on wearing the ‘niqab” a full veil which leaves only the eyes showing.

The education authority had a problem with that and thus the lawsuit began. The woman admitted that she had not worn the veil during the job interview process. An employment tribunal settled the matter by awarding her $1,870.00 for injury to her feelings.

The tribunal rejected her claim that she had been subjected to “Direct and indirect discrimination and harassment.”

I would have to ask a simple question, if the veil is so important to her then why did she fail to wear it during the job interview? I can’t imagine having to be instructed by a teacher whose face I could not look at. I had a hard enough time concentrating on the lessons when being instructed by a cross eyed teacher.

If people do not take action to prevent this sort of insanity then it can only be assumed that before long the same situation will develop in the school system of the United States. Why the religious views of anyone of us should be tolerated in a public school system is a question to ponder.

Before long people will begin to insist that they have a right to decide what the lesson plan should be. What if that lesson plan becomes the dogma of Islam or Christianity or perhaps Judaism? Will we be required to teach religious instruction in order to not hurt the feelings of the religious?

The cost of hurt feelings might very well prove to be the stability of a public school system. She deserved nothing but the ridicule of her peers. The local board of education sets the agenda for the curriculum and dress code for both students and teachers.
We can all practice our faith, whatever that might be, on our own time. But when working on the taxpayers’ dime all that Snake Oil Sam can say is simply shape up or ship out.
Snake Oil Sam
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Child Asks God

Looking over some older material I came across something which I had almost forgotten that I had written. It was an issue of life, death and the courts being reported and talked about at length in the media which inspired me to sit down and write it, at the time when it was written. So with that said, I offer to you an essay, a question from a child to God and his reply to that child.

Dear God:
Why did my mommy cry last night?
Dear Jonny:
There are many reasons why mommies cry. But to answer your question more specifically, and yes I can do that because after all I am God, I have had my assistant check the current high definition C.I.A. spy satellite imagery download of your house on Tylor Street and I have found the answer to your question.
And by the way, I am happy that you feel so free to ask me questions. God always enjoys correspondence with all of his children. As a matter of fact I really wish more of them would call on me. But let me stay on track.
It seems that last night you forgot to say your prayers at bedtime. As a rule I would have caught this oversight myself, but I have been just a little more than busy watching the world fall apart. And the really sad thing is that most of the troubles are caused by people who believe that they are the path to my front door.
But let me not trouble your young heart with such matters. You will find out about religious hypocrisy, pain and suffering soon enough. Simply stated, your mommy cried because she fears for you growing up in a world where even the good governments no longer place any value on human life.
You might have noticed recently in the news that a young disabled woman in Florida was starved and dehydrated to death by the same government that claims to be a Christian nation. I still have my legal team working on a case of capital murder which I will execute judgment on in the very near future. They say “One Nation Under God” but I am going to make them ‘One Nation Under Judgment.”
This is why your mommy cries Jonny. She cried because that is the way I designed mommies. I use mommies to let me know how things are on Earth. Every tear that a mommy sheds is seen on the heaven cam. Even though the governments have all failed me, I know that mommies will never fail me. If they do then I will know that the human race thing just didn’t work out so well.
You see Jonny, when the last mommy doesn’t find something to cry about that will tell me that the human heart has grown cold. But don’t worry Jonny I have a backup plan. I have angels who are there to fill in the gap if the last mommy doesn’t cry anymore then they will.
Snake Oil Sam
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Population 300,000,000 and Counting

America now has a population of 300,000,000 people and that is a lot of people. But does the number include the tens of thousands of undocumented who have illegally entered the United States over the past several decades. No of course it doesn’t. That is why they are referred to as undocumented. How do you include in a count those who don’t officially exist? You cannot count what you can’t find. That is especially true if you are intentionally looking the other way!

But of course they do exist and mostly in America’s South West. Some are here for the reason that they need to support their family back home and some for less righteous reasons. Either way they are here and should be counted. But how do you count someone who does not want to be counted? How do you get them to pay their fair share?

One way in which to open up the entire underground economy would be to eliminate the U.S. income tax and replace it with a sales tax on all items at every level. That would mean that everyone whether legal in status or not would pay to play.

It might not be a perfect solution and it certainly does not address the problems of illegal immigration but at least it opens up an avenue to retaining some of the wealth of the United States and prevents it from being sent abroad. A good portion of the wealth of Mexico is based upon cash sent from the United States by those whose status can only be defined as illegal. That is precisely why Mexico’s President Fox is so happy to have them move north of the Rio Grande.

As too the issue of the status of those here illegally, why should anyone who cuts in the front of the line are able to stay at the front of the line. Those of you who have a heart which bleeds for the invader should take the first step by opening your beautiful home to the invader and providing at your expense the necessities of life for the invader whom your liberal heart loves.

All too often the liberal among us is more than willing to offer what is in the pocket of someone else so that they might feel good, warm and fuzzy. That Christian charity you wish to express is a wonderful thing. Just please let me decide where my Christian charity should be directed. Please don’t decide for me what I should do with my money.

Yes the population is at an all time high and rising every day. Let us demand that the powers that be, Democrat or Republican, are held accountable for their action related to the protection of the borders which just happens to be the main responsibility of a federal government.
Snake Oil Sam
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Earthquake in Hawaii

Below is a portion of an e-mail received from my sister-in-law reporting conditions in Hawaii following the recent earthquake. Included are her thoughts about living in paradise.

Things I learned after going through the 6.6 quake.

Reasons not to live on a volcanic island:

When Honolulu International Airport loses electricity, evacuation of the islands becomes impossible. The grid system that Oahu exists on is archaic. Backup generators are insufficient and dependant upon unstable energy sources. Jet ways and critical equipment are in short supply and are subject to the same power outages causing extreme chaos and congestion problems.

Sanitary and safety issues become a huge problem. No bathrooms. Water and food is in extremely short supply.

On our island structural damage to buildings has left them vulnerable to even aftershocks. Most notably our deep water port has severe structural damage. Translation: No barge deliveries. This means now that the price of food and products which we are dependant upon from the mainland skyrockets.

I also learned that the only T.V. stations are located on Oahu. Although they did not go down this time it became apparent to me that they were our only outside source of contact with civilization down here.

Storm systems like cold fronts which bring the rains now cause the unstable earth to provoke land and mudslides. This goes on for weeks and weeks. In fact aftershocks go on for weeks and weeks. Yesterday alone we were at 50 when I stopped keeping track of the reports.

Driving on local roads becomes dangerous. Unstable conditions cause huge boulders to dislodge from the embankments and cliffs blocking roads or striking you.

Thank goodness this time we did not get a tsunami. Those become very real to you now especially when your daughter is at work located right in the tsunami evacuation zone.

These are just a very few things I learned. They are enough for me to want to get off this rock. No way do I want to spend my ensuing autumn years here. Even through your brothers own mouth I heard him say he would take a snowstorm any day of the week before an earthquake again

Snake Oil Sam
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bonamo on Political Corruption in Hudson County

A recent feature article appearing on the cover of The Secaucus Reporter put into perspective the issue of political corruption in Hudson County. The county which is geographically the smallest and most densely populated of the 21 counties is situated in close proximity to New York City.

The article titled “Hudson County’s culture of corruption” and subtitled “Its local roots and prospects for change” written by
Hudson Reporter
Staff Writer Mark J. Bonamo, the same reporter who in blatant disregard for National Security revealed the location of the now financially bankrupt Air America flagship station W.W.R.L
transmitter in Secaucus, New Jersey, has written a very insightful article on the history of political corruption in the epicenter of political corruption.

As a side note it seems that it is fitting that a radio network
"Air America" which is morally bankrupt should also be financially bankrupt. It is questionable weather or not that matter is related to the Bonamo article but the timing of the bankruptcy announcement following his article is intriguing at the very least. But that is a subject for another day.

Bonamo gives a wonderful history of the not so wonderful politics of Hudson County focusing on the corruption of the County Seat of Government, Jersey City, and the beloved birthplace of
Snake Oil Sam. He includes photos of some of the more colorful individuals of corrupt county administrations including but certainly not limited to Frank Hague, Robert Janiszewski and Anthony Russo.

Unlike New York City the city so wonderful they named it twice, Jersey City needed to be named once. Perhaps it was named twice but that was only because someone had a brother-in-law in the city naming business and wanted a double dip in billing the taxpayers of the county.

One of the reasons why I enjoyed the article was that he made mention of Brooklyn resident Helen Stapinski former resident of Jersey City who wrote a book titled
“Five Finger Discount” documenting the life of one Jersey City family. It is a story which I thoroughly enjoyed reading as it is a good overview of the effects of the nature of the commonality of corruption in Jersey City politics or at least the way it was in that period of time. As Stapinski states in her book “some people settled in Jersey City, my family settled for Jersey City.”

Bonamo might or might not have written an award winning article but in any event it is certainly an article worth reading. One has to wonder how much influence Reporter Senior Staff Writer Al Sullivan had to do with the information contained in this article. Sullivan is the individual who perhaps has more of a grasp of the internal workings of the political machine of Hudson County than any other person alive.

Well, that last statement might be a little off the mark as federal authorities who have good reason to keep the political landscape of Hudson County under constant surveillance might be very knowledgeable about the inner working of the past and current administrations.

The only significant difference is that while Sullivan writes about his insight of the machine the feds keep their information under tight wraps until it is time to move in as they do on occasion at which point Sullivan has more grist for the mill.

Mark J. Bonamo has certainly developed into a valuable player in the reporting business in Hudson County and as someone who recognizes good writing when he reads it, I can say that Bonamo did an outstanding job on this article.

Perhaps Snake Oil Sam will at a future date develop an award for outstanding journalism. Yes, a good idea indeed. Sam’s Notable Award for Knowledgeable Excellence. S.N.A.K.E. seems to be an appropriate acronym for the award.

And with the birth of yet another good idea by Snake Oil Sam and an old joke I bid all a good day.

I once looked up the definition of corruption in a dictionary and found an old pirate map of Hudson County.

Snake Oil Sam
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Union Claims Intimidation at Bergen Regional Medical Center

Nurses at Bergen Regional Medical Center 230 East Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus New Jersey took to the street recently in an effort to call attention to what they declare to be “unsafe patient care and working conditions.”

In an effort to inform the public about the situation which they claim exists within the facility Nurses of the Union handed out flyers informing the public about the recent actions of management in an effort to be heard and bring about redress of grievances.

Below is a verbatim copy of the information handed out by members of the union.

Material dated October 13, 2006

HPAE Local 5091

Unsafe Conditions Created By BRMC

The involuntary transfer of RN’s in Behavioral Heath Service was extended to the F-1 unit-the Addictions unit. We believe this will create unsafe working and patient care conditions.

Our repeated requests for meeting with Management to discuss the impact and explore alternatives have fallen on deaf ears. On October 2, we came close to having such a meeting until the hospital refused to include the 20 RN’s who came to participate. The hospital then created a fictional scenario and suspended two of our key RN leaders on bogus allegations.

It gets worse. An RN on AG, a unit severely impacted by the transfers of RN’s over the summer, made formal report to her supervisor about a violent threat made to her by a patient. Instead of support, she was suspended for violating patient confidentiality!

All three RN’s will be back to work by Monday but we have filed grievances and ULP
*{unfair labor practice} charges in both cases and will aggressively pursue overturning these unjust efforts to bully our nurses.

We Will Not Be Silenced

The hospital’s aggressive approach is designed to intimidate and silence us from speaking out about unsafe working conditions. They don’t get it. This is our right and our obligation as nurses, professionals and union members.

They tried to silence us before by suing our union and HPAE president for speaking out about the unsafe patient care conditions at Bergen Regional Medical Center. A judge summarily dismissed the lawsuit.

Please join us in planning our future course of action.
Unit Captains Meeting
October 19
8am, 1pm and 4:30 pm.
BC Central Labor Council
205 Robin Road, Room 220 (off Century Road west)
Paramus, N.J. 07652

*(italics ours')

Snake Oil Sam
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Holocaust: Stories of Survivors

It was a time that few wish to remember and some deny ever took place. But here is something which makes it pretty difficult to deny. It is a film documenting the stories of survivors of the holocaust brought by Adolph Hitler and his minions.

It is always good to remember our past if for no other reason so that we don’t have to relive it as we are often implored to recall by Michael Savage on his nationally syndicated radio talk program.

But there will always be those who will deny the truth. So in order to put things in perspective it is good to hear the stories of another generation, no matter how painful and sad those memories are.
Let us all hope that the current batch of fascists will not lead us down the road to repeat what our fathers fought and died to stop. Every generation has those who believe that they have a better way to run the world. But when it is forced at the end of a blade it is not a matter of choice. Without choice freedom dies.
Snake Oil Sam
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Corey Lidle and Issues of National Security

It is not news at this point in time that New York Yankee Corey Lidle was tragically killed in an accident on New York’s Upper Eastside when his Cirrus SR20 slammed into the side of a building.

Eyewitness accounts report that the aircraft appeared to be having some type of mechanical failure prior to the crash. Only time and federal investigators may tell what the nature of the problem was. Sadly it resulted in a number of deaths.

It also resulted in N.O.R.A.D. sending high performance military aircraft over cities throughout the United States. I was not surprised to see Port Authority of New York and New Jersey personal arrive at Teterboro, New Jersey at a high level of readiness.

However, since the arrival of Police in full body armor S.W.A.T. gear was after the fact that it was known to authorities that it was Lidle’s plane which had hit the building, and that it was in fact not an act of terrorism, I have to wonder was the arrival of police simply a show of force for the consumption of the news media present at the airport where the doomed flight originated?

This incident calls into question a far larger issue. Since Teterboro Airport is so very close to New York City and since a large corporate jet such as a Gulf Stream 5 can reach the city in a matter of minutes one has to wonder just how safe New York City really is in the event of a hijacking of such a craft immediately after launch from Teterboro Airport. Fully loaded with fuel such a craft can do a lot of damage to the City of New York.

And as the passengers on those flights are not only not screened before departure, but are permitted to bring on board carry on of just about anything they want to carry on {unscreened} just how safe is New York from such an event.

Is it simply a matter of time? Snake Oil Sam calls on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Federal Aviation Administration officials to drastically tighten up the “extraordinarily” lax pre flight security measures at Teterboro Airport.

Is the safety of the residents of New York City and those who work there being compromised so that a select few wealthy travelers and corporate executives don’t have to be inconvenienced like the rest of us when traveling?

Since 9-11 we have all become far to disinterested in issues of safety. The accident involving Cory Lidle should if nothing else serve as a reminder to all that aircraft with easy access to New York City can result in disaster.

Let us all remember Cory Lidle as we keep in mind that disaster can only be averted if we are all always vigilant.
Snake Oil Sam
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chutzpah and Baristanet

I recently stumbled across an interesting website which seems to be a “mom and pop” style news and opinion site. It is situated in Montclair, New Jersey and offers a lot of content about that area.

I like it as it affords the reader the chance to voice opinion on articles, something which Snake Oil Sam fails to do on his own blog.
It has something to do with his opinion that in the end it is only his own opinion which really matters anyway. But being a hypocrite Snake still enjoys being able to voice his views on the sites of others.

How’s that for chutzpah? The people at
seem to do a great job and have a good deal of content in the site. Far more content than I would ever even have the time to research and post.

So, if you have some spare time on your hands give them a look. You might find a new site worth bookmaking.
Snake Oil Sam
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is W.W.R.L. Facility Really a Terrorist Target?

According to a quote attributed to Adriane Gaines, General Manager of broadcast radio station W.W.R.L. 1600 A.M. in New York City one of their transmitter facilities located in Secaucus, New Jersey is a potential terrorist target.

In an article, one of a series of feature articles titled “What’s That Building?” which identifies unusual buildings of interest throughout New Jersey’s Hudson County W.W.R.L.’s Gaines was quoted as saying
“We would not exactly want people to know what it is, given the current environment that we are in [referring to terrorism]. Radio transmitters and towers are very vulnerable in the current climate of security in America.”

Well, since Hudson Reporter
staff writer Mark J. Bonamo has already let the cat out of the bag; so to speak, we feel no compunction about blogging on this fine article, even if it does result in the demolition of this radio transmitter facility. Just blame Bonamo!

It is highly likely that those underhanded terrorists would have figured it out in a matter of time anyway. Those 400 foot tall Red and White transmitter towers with the aviation lights blinking on and off all night tend to be a big tip off to terrorists.

The article continued by pointing out that local resident Laura Lew and friends speculated that the towers had something to do with aircraft since they have those red lights blinking on and off all night.

Actually Laura is on the right track about those red lights and aircraft. Yes they do blink for aircraft Laura, but only to keep those low flying airplanes from
Teterboro [TBR} airport from hitting them.

Of concern to some of the residents of the area is the swampy nature of the area surrounding the transmitter towers.
Secaucus Councilman John Bueckner explains that the area is left swampy as it has something to do with efficiency in the operation of the transmitters.

Although not offering a completely accurate explanation of the relationship between water and Amplitude Modulation he did give some fairly accurate information. It is true that areas which have a surface consisting of water do have an effect on the range at which radio waves bounce resulting in improved transmitter range as I recall from my days as a Citizen Band Radio operator. That is one of the many reasons why the region of the
Hackensack Meadowlands have so many radio station transmitters located there.

Just as an additional comment regarding the transmitters of W.W.R.L. being a target for terrorist attack. As the article identifies W.W.R.L as the Flagship station of
“Air America” I don’t think that W.W.R.L. needs to worry very much about terrorists blowing up their transmitter and towers in Secaucus, New Jersey.

However they might be concerned if at some future date they see
Sean Hannity in the area.
Snake Oil Sam
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quest Diagnostics and United Healthcare

After many long months of negotiations with United Healthcare, Quest made a business decision to walk away from the table because the last minute terms which United demanded of Quest were deemed by Quest Diagnostics to be bad business. Quest Diagnostic did not lose the contract.

Had the demands been accepted by Quest Diagnostics it would have impacted the entire industry negatively in the long run. Consider also that since it was deemed by Quest Diagnostics to be a bad business deal it stands to reason that Lab Corporation of America entered into a long term bad deal which will hurt the bottom line of Lab Corp.

Quest Diagnostics will prevail in re-establishing any lost market volume due to that fact that the entire company stands behind the leadership of the executive. Consider also that it is likely that the sheer volume of the conversion logistics will prevent Lab Corp. from making a smooth transition. That will impact negatively upon the overall image of Lab Corp.

As of now as it stands Quest Diagnostics still holds a valid contract with United Healthcare until 2007. After that it is still possible that Quest Diagnostics will still retain some of the volume due to actions which will make it possible for clients to direct the work out of network to Quest Diagnostics.

Lab Corp. as a part of the new contract had to protect United Healthcare from any possible financial loss due to “leakage” to the tune of $200,000,000.00 and that is something which Lab Corp. will have to assume as potential capital loss.

Quest Diagnostics is the biggest player on the street and is not going to roll over and die. At this moment D.G.X. is a great buy! Don’t write them off over one contract. The situation is always fluid and things change. And that is how Snake Oil Sam spins it. Keep your eye on the prize.
Snake Oil Sam
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Lionell versus Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and Savage

The left has a secret weapon on the attack, and I do mean attack. Let there be no question that the talk show host who calls himself Lionell is a real attack dog. One of the greatest debates which could ever take place would be between Lionell on the left challenging any one of the four afore mentioned talk show hosts.

It would be fascinating to see what would be left of any of the four after Lionell was finished with them. Being a trial lawyer who also served as a prosecutor in the Sunshine State Lionell is, in the humble opinion of Snake Oil Sam, well able to sway the jury to his side of the issue.

Yes, you are right Levin is a Constitutional Lawyer and highly knowledgeable in the law, yet I think that as personalities go Lionell is the man and would make Mark Levin mince meat. Levin would come out of it looking and sounding like a yenta. Lionell has that take no prisoners attitude that would certainly make him the victor in any debate on just about any issue.

Savage would stand a better chance against Lionell simply because he shares that attack dog mentality. Interestingly, Lionell attacks Savage even though they both are heard in N.Y.C. on the same radio station W.O.R. 710. Hannity shares something in common with Lionell to a point as he also has that aura of attack dog about him but I believe that Lionell would prevail in a debate with Hannity.

There is also one special reason why Lionell would go after Hannity for blood. A number of years ago it was Hannity, a young and relatively unknown upstart, who bumped Lionell from his gig at W.A.B.C. 770 in New York City.

It is clear that Lionell still has a special hatred for Hannity way beyond a difference in political opinion. That is why I believe that a debate between Hannity and Lionell would be something worth seeing.

Perhaps Lionell could be a guest on Hannity and the other guy on Fox Network. That would be some very good television viewing. But it will never happen because the fact is that I think Hannity is afraid of the intellect of Lionell.

Limbaugh simply isn’t up to snuff any longer and is so full of himself that going head to head with Lionell would leave him looking for some pain killers after the debate. At the very least he would need a couple of aspirin.

For the record Snake Oil Sam had a lot to do with Hannity having a nationally syndicated radio show. Sure you say, but it is true. That is a story for another time. I also am the individual who had opportunity to turn Lionell onto a great Jazz, blues man by the name of Jonny Lang.
Snake Oil Sam
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who is Snake Oil Sam?

One might wonder who this individual calling himself Snake Oil Sam really is. Clearly such a name is a pseudonym used only for protection of identity as a matter of national security. To divulge that particular piece of information would clearly violate articles of the Homeland Security Act of 2001; however some less vital information has been authorized for release. Snake Oil Sam is a small town seller of snake oil, both new and used. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey on March 9, 1955 on a cold and blustery winter afternoon Snake first became aware of issues such as environmental pollution at a very young and tender age.

Having grown up in the town of Secaucus, New Jersey not far from the place of his birth he played in toxic swamps filled with D.D.T. and harmful toxins such as lead and chromium. As a side note it was later revealed through the freedom of information act that the C.I.A. was in fact testing for germ warfare programs after W.W. 2 in those swamps. While being the younger of two brothers he managed to survive the turmoil of childhood through craft and cunning. Being swift of foot he managed to stay two steps ahead of his brother and the rest of the gang.

Upon entering seventh grade Snake realized that he wanted to learn photography so he joined the then newly forming photography club. It was at this time that Sam began to take an interest in the spy game as he would sit glued to the television watching “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” which fired his youthful imagination.

It was his love for justice and the American Way as propagandized on “The Adventures of Superman” which drove him to National Service as an undercover agent for you know who. Using his unique abilities to photograph people in a stealth manner Snake Oil Sam soon gained national recognition among his peers for work in the field of undercover espionage.

Today Snake Oil Sam is gearing down in the world of counter intelligence and dedicating more time to the technical aspects of national security by means of contributions to the field of data mining for both government sections and the private sector. Whether spying for government or industry one thing is for certain, Snake Oil Sam can be bought for a price.

Snake Oil Sam can be contacted at sixsigma1190@yahoo.com with you using the subject line “Freedom of Thought without Malice” in order to prevent errant deletion as a possible bogus spam e-mail. All e-mails will be treated with the greatest degree of confidentiality permitted by the patriot act which at the moment doesn’t allow much confidentiality if the truth be known.
Snake Oil Sam
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Jehovah's Witnesses and Broadcast Radio History

You may be familiar with the people who come to your door with bible in hand. Along with the Bible they have copies of their publications, primary of which is a magazine titled The Watchtower.

The publisher of this bi-monthly journal is The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society which has worldwide headquarters established in Brooklyn, New York City and which has been at that location in Brooklyn Heights since the late nineteenth century.

The group originally formed as a small bible study group in Allegany (later Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) at the direction of the groups first President Charles Taze Russel. In the early days of radio Jehovah’s Witnesses utilized a number of ways in which to evangelize.

At one time they owned and operated radio station W.B.B.R which is for point of interest currently Bloomberg Radio a financial news format owned and operated by none other than Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City. That fact makes this group interesting to The Snake Oil Sam Radio Review. So having already established their location of operation, let’s take a little look into some of their beliefs.

These are people who practice their faith in a living way. It is the belief of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as they call themselves, that each individual Christian is a witness to the fact that God, who’s name they find in the bible, will soon establish upon earth, under the authority of his son Jesus Christ, his kingdom which will reign for one thousand years in which all mankind will be perfected as it was originally intended before the fall of the first man, Adam, from grace.

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not participate in political controversy and refrain from things such as voting for political candidates, holding political office or pledging allegiance to the flag or government of any nation.

These things have landed them on the wrong side of the fence with many governments bringing considerable persecution against them. During World War 2 the government of Adolph Hitler sent them to concentration camps in an effort to break them. In most cases the effort failed as most maintained their stand of complete neutrality in the face of certain death. For the record, some were executed.

In modern times Jehovah’s Witnesses have faced severe persecution in places where neutrality is not considered an acceptable way of doing things. Currently these Christians are subject to beatings by mobs and arrest in former Soviet Republics especially in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. This activity appears to be lead by zealots of an intolerant Russian Orthodox Church which views any influence from western church’s to be a threat to their authority.

Another belief of Jehovah’s Witnesses which has caused a great deal of controversy for these people is their belief that it is not acceptable for them to accept a transfusion of blood in an effort to preserve their life. They base their contention on certain biblical passages referring to abstaining from blood.

At times legal authorities have been brought into a situation in which the person in need of blood is a minor child. Though that is not always the case and appears to be based more on the politics of the doctors in charge of the case.

Though some have died for their stand on the issue of refusing blood transfusions not all cases are fatal. In fact the medical community has come to the self determination that the ability to perform even the most serious of operations without the use of donor blood is actually a preferred method as it offers many post surgical benefits.

Many progressive hospitals in the United States and in Europe have established “bloodless surgery centers” as is the case in Englewood, New Jersey (U.S.A.) where successful operations are performed on a regular basis with great success.

One of the benefits advertised by Englewood Hospital is improved recovery time resulting in a shorter than usual hospital stay. Of course the obvious benefit is the fact that the patient does not have to assume the risk of contracting any of a number of blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis C or H.I.V. which is always a risk when accepting donor blood.

This article is simply a brief overview of some of the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses and who they are. Likely you will come into contact with them at some point in your workday as they like all other people work to support themselves and their families.

One of the tenants of Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they are responsible before God for maintaining an orderly household. This includes wives and children in subjection to husband and father though the head of household is expected to use that authority based on scripture in a loving and non domineering way.

So that is the review of the people who knock at your door, known worldwide as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Radio did not seem to be the way for them but still it is interesting that the people who knock on your door were at one time pioneers in bible centered radio. And that is a little known fact of New York Radio history.
Snake Oil Sam
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