Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bonamo on Political Corruption in Hudson County

A recent feature article appearing on the cover of The Secaucus Reporter put into perspective the issue of political corruption in Hudson County. The county which is geographically the smallest and most densely populated of the 21 counties is situated in close proximity to New York City.

The article titled “Hudson County’s culture of corruption” and subtitled “Its local roots and prospects for change” written by
Hudson Reporter
Staff Writer Mark J. Bonamo, the same reporter who in blatant disregard for National Security revealed the location of the now financially bankrupt Air America flagship station W.W.R.L
transmitter in Secaucus, New Jersey, has written a very insightful article on the history of political corruption in the epicenter of political corruption.

As a side note it seems that it is fitting that a radio network
"Air America" which is morally bankrupt should also be financially bankrupt. It is questionable weather or not that matter is related to the Bonamo article but the timing of the bankruptcy announcement following his article is intriguing at the very least. But that is a subject for another day.

Bonamo gives a wonderful history of the not so wonderful politics of Hudson County focusing on the corruption of the County Seat of Government, Jersey City, and the beloved birthplace of
Snake Oil Sam. He includes photos of some of the more colorful individuals of corrupt county administrations including but certainly not limited to Frank Hague, Robert Janiszewski and Anthony Russo.

Unlike New York City the city so wonderful they named it twice, Jersey City needed to be named once. Perhaps it was named twice but that was only because someone had a brother-in-law in the city naming business and wanted a double dip in billing the taxpayers of the county.

One of the reasons why I enjoyed the article was that he made mention of Brooklyn resident Helen Stapinski former resident of Jersey City who wrote a book titled
“Five Finger Discount” documenting the life of one Jersey City family. It is a story which I thoroughly enjoyed reading as it is a good overview of the effects of the nature of the commonality of corruption in Jersey City politics or at least the way it was in that period of time. As Stapinski states in her book “some people settled in Jersey City, my family settled for Jersey City.”

Bonamo might or might not have written an award winning article but in any event it is certainly an article worth reading. One has to wonder how much influence Reporter Senior Staff Writer Al Sullivan had to do with the information contained in this article. Sullivan is the individual who perhaps has more of a grasp of the internal workings of the political machine of Hudson County than any other person alive.

Well, that last statement might be a little off the mark as federal authorities who have good reason to keep the political landscape of Hudson County under constant surveillance might be very knowledgeable about the inner working of the past and current administrations.

The only significant difference is that while Sullivan writes about his insight of the machine the feds keep their information under tight wraps until it is time to move in as they do on occasion at which point Sullivan has more grist for the mill.

Mark J. Bonamo has certainly developed into a valuable player in the reporting business in Hudson County and as someone who recognizes good writing when he reads it, I can say that Bonamo did an outstanding job on this article.

Perhaps Snake Oil Sam will at a future date develop an award for outstanding journalism. Yes, a good idea indeed. Sam’s Notable Award for Knowledgeable Excellence. S.N.A.K.E. seems to be an appropriate acronym for the award.

And with the birth of yet another good idea by Snake Oil Sam and an old joke I bid all a good day.

I once looked up the definition of corruption in a dictionary and found an old pirate map of Hudson County.

Snake Oil Sam
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