Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Child Asks God

Looking over some older material I came across something which I had almost forgotten that I had written. It was an issue of life, death and the courts being reported and talked about at length in the media which inspired me to sit down and write it, at the time when it was written. So with that said, I offer to you an essay, a question from a child to God and his reply to that child.

Dear God:
Why did my mommy cry last night?
Dear Jonny:
There are many reasons why mommies cry. But to answer your question more specifically, and yes I can do that because after all I am God, I have had my assistant check the current high definition C.I.A. spy satellite imagery download of your house on Tylor Street and I have found the answer to your question.
And by the way, I am happy that you feel so free to ask me questions. God always enjoys correspondence with all of his children. As a matter of fact I really wish more of them would call on me. But let me stay on track.
It seems that last night you forgot to say your prayers at bedtime. As a rule I would have caught this oversight myself, but I have been just a little more than busy watching the world fall apart. And the really sad thing is that most of the troubles are caused by people who believe that they are the path to my front door.
But let me not trouble your young heart with such matters. You will find out about religious hypocrisy, pain and suffering soon enough. Simply stated, your mommy cried because she fears for you growing up in a world where even the good governments no longer place any value on human life.
You might have noticed recently in the news that a young disabled woman in Florida was starved and dehydrated to death by the same government that claims to be a Christian nation. I still have my legal team working on a case of capital murder which I will execute judgment on in the very near future. They say “One Nation Under God” but I am going to make them ‘One Nation Under Judgment.”
This is why your mommy cries Jonny. She cried because that is the way I designed mommies. I use mommies to let me know how things are on Earth. Every tear that a mommy sheds is seen on the heaven cam. Even though the governments have all failed me, I know that mommies will never fail me. If they do then I will know that the human race thing just didn’t work out so well.
You see Jonny, when the last mommy doesn’t find something to cry about that will tell me that the human heart has grown cold. But don’t worry Jonny I have a backup plan. I have angels who are there to fill in the gap if the last mommy doesn’t cry anymore then they will.
Snake Oil Sam
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