Thursday, October 12, 2006

Corey Lidle and Issues of National Security

It is not news at this point in time that New York Yankee Corey Lidle was tragically killed in an accident on New York’s Upper Eastside when his Cirrus SR20 slammed into the side of a building.

Eyewitness accounts report that the aircraft appeared to be having some type of mechanical failure prior to the crash. Only time and federal investigators may tell what the nature of the problem was. Sadly it resulted in a number of deaths.

It also resulted in N.O.R.A.D. sending high performance military aircraft over cities throughout the United States. I was not surprised to see Port Authority of New York and New Jersey personal arrive at Teterboro, New Jersey at a high level of readiness.

However, since the arrival of Police in full body armor S.W.A.T. gear was after the fact that it was known to authorities that it was Lidle’s plane which had hit the building, and that it was in fact not an act of terrorism, I have to wonder was the arrival of police simply a show of force for the consumption of the news media present at the airport where the doomed flight originated?

This incident calls into question a far larger issue. Since Teterboro Airport is so very close to New York City and since a large corporate jet such as a Gulf Stream 5 can reach the city in a matter of minutes one has to wonder just how safe New York City really is in the event of a hijacking of such a craft immediately after launch from Teterboro Airport. Fully loaded with fuel such a craft can do a lot of damage to the City of New York.

And as the passengers on those flights are not only not screened before departure, but are permitted to bring on board carry on of just about anything they want to carry on {unscreened} just how safe is New York from such an event.

Is it simply a matter of time? Snake Oil Sam calls on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Federal Aviation Administration officials to drastically tighten up the “extraordinarily” lax pre flight security measures at Teterboro Airport.

Is the safety of the residents of New York City and those who work there being compromised so that a select few wealthy travelers and corporate executives don’t have to be inconvenienced like the rest of us when traveling?

Since 9-11 we have all become far to disinterested in issues of safety. The accident involving Cory Lidle should if nothing else serve as a reminder to all that aircraft with easy access to New York City can result in disaster.

Let us all remember Cory Lidle as we keep in mind that disaster can only be averted if we are all always vigilant.
Snake Oil Sam
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