Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Earthquake in Hawaii

Below is a portion of an e-mail received from my sister-in-law reporting conditions in Hawaii following the recent earthquake. Included are her thoughts about living in paradise.

Things I learned after going through the 6.6 quake.

Reasons not to live on a volcanic island:

When Honolulu International Airport loses electricity, evacuation of the islands becomes impossible. The grid system that Oahu exists on is archaic. Backup generators are insufficient and dependant upon unstable energy sources. Jet ways and critical equipment are in short supply and are subject to the same power outages causing extreme chaos and congestion problems.

Sanitary and safety issues become a huge problem. No bathrooms. Water and food is in extremely short supply.

On our island structural damage to buildings has left them vulnerable to even aftershocks. Most notably our deep water port has severe structural damage. Translation: No barge deliveries. This means now that the price of food and products which we are dependant upon from the mainland skyrockets.

I also learned that the only T.V. stations are located on Oahu. Although they did not go down this time it became apparent to me that they were our only outside source of contact with civilization down here.

Storm systems like cold fronts which bring the rains now cause the unstable earth to provoke land and mudslides. This goes on for weeks and weeks. In fact aftershocks go on for weeks and weeks. Yesterday alone we were at 50 when I stopped keeping track of the reports.

Driving on local roads becomes dangerous. Unstable conditions cause huge boulders to dislodge from the embankments and cliffs blocking roads or striking you.

Thank goodness this time we did not get a tsunami. Those become very real to you now especially when your daughter is at work located right in the tsunami evacuation zone.

These are just a very few things I learned. They are enough for me to want to get off this rock. No way do I want to spend my ensuing autumn years here. Even through your brothers own mouth I heard him say he would take a snowstorm any day of the week before an earthquake again

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