Thursday, October 12, 2006

Holocaust: Stories of Survivors

It was a time that few wish to remember and some deny ever took place. But here is something which makes it pretty difficult to deny. It is a film documenting the stories of survivors of the holocaust brought by Adolph Hitler and his minions.

It is always good to remember our past if for no other reason so that we don’t have to relive it as we are often implored to recall by Michael Savage on his nationally syndicated radio talk program.

But there will always be those who will deny the truth. So in order to put things in perspective it is good to hear the stories of another generation, no matter how painful and sad those memories are.
Let us all hope that the current batch of fascists will not lead us down the road to repeat what our fathers fought and died to stop. Every generation has those who believe that they have a better way to run the world. But when it is forced at the end of a blade it is not a matter of choice. Without choice freedom dies.
Snake Oil Sam
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