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Is W.W.R.L. Facility Really a Terrorist Target?

According to a quote attributed to Adriane Gaines, General Manager of broadcast radio station W.W.R.L. 1600 A.M. in New York City one of their transmitter facilities located in Secaucus, New Jersey is a potential terrorist target.

In an article, one of a series of feature articles titled “What’s That Building?” which identifies unusual buildings of interest throughout New Jersey’s Hudson County W.W.R.L.’s Gaines was quoted as saying
“We would not exactly want people to know what it is, given the current environment that we are in [referring to terrorism]. Radio transmitters and towers are very vulnerable in the current climate of security in America.”

Well, since Hudson Reporter
staff writer Mark J. Bonamo has already let the cat out of the bag; so to speak, we feel no compunction about blogging on this fine article, even if it does result in the demolition of this radio transmitter facility. Just blame Bonamo!

It is highly likely that those underhanded terrorists would have figured it out in a matter of time anyway. Those 400 foot tall Red and White transmitter towers with the aviation lights blinking on and off all night tend to be a big tip off to terrorists.

The article continued by pointing out that local resident Laura Lew and friends speculated that the towers had something to do with aircraft since they have those red lights blinking on and off all night.

Actually Laura is on the right track about those red lights and aircraft. Yes they do blink for aircraft Laura, but only to keep those low flying airplanes from
Teterboro [TBR} airport from hitting them.

Of concern to some of the residents of the area is the swampy nature of the area surrounding the transmitter towers.
Secaucus Councilman John Bueckner explains that the area is left swampy as it has something to do with efficiency in the operation of the transmitters.

Although not offering a completely accurate explanation of the relationship between water and Amplitude Modulation he did give some fairly accurate information. It is true that areas which have a surface consisting of water do have an effect on the range at which radio waves bounce resulting in improved transmitter range as I recall from my days as a Citizen Band Radio operator. That is one of the many reasons why the region of the
Hackensack Meadowlands have so many radio station transmitters located there.

Just as an additional comment regarding the transmitters of W.W.R.L. being a target for terrorist attack. As the article identifies W.W.R.L as the Flagship station of
“Air America” I don’t think that W.W.R.L. needs to worry very much about terrorists blowing up their transmitter and towers in Secaucus, New Jersey.

However they might be concerned if at some future date they see
Sean Hannity in the area.
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