Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lionell versus Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and Savage

The left has a secret weapon on the attack, and I do mean attack. Let there be no question that the talk show host who calls himself Lionell is a real attack dog. One of the greatest debates which could ever take place would be between Lionell on the left challenging any one of the four afore mentioned talk show hosts.

It would be fascinating to see what would be left of any of the four after Lionell was finished with them. Being a trial lawyer who also served as a prosecutor in the Sunshine State Lionell is, in the humble opinion of Snake Oil Sam, well able to sway the jury to his side of the issue.

Yes, you are right Levin is a Constitutional Lawyer and highly knowledgeable in the law, yet I think that as personalities go Lionell is the man and would make Mark Levin mince meat. Levin would come out of it looking and sounding like a yenta. Lionell has that take no prisoners attitude that would certainly make him the victor in any debate on just about any issue.

Savage would stand a better chance against Lionell simply because he shares that attack dog mentality. Interestingly, Lionell attacks Savage even though they both are heard in N.Y.C. on the same radio station W.O.R. 710. Hannity shares something in common with Lionell to a point as he also has that aura of attack dog about him but I believe that Lionell would prevail in a debate with Hannity.

There is also one special reason why Lionell would go after Hannity for blood. A number of years ago it was Hannity, a young and relatively unknown upstart, who bumped Lionell from his gig at W.A.B.C. 770 in New York City.

It is clear that Lionell still has a special hatred for Hannity way beyond a difference in political opinion. That is why I believe that a debate between Hannity and Lionell would be something worth seeing.

Perhaps Lionell could be a guest on Hannity and the other guy on Fox Network. That would be some very good television viewing. But it will never happen because the fact is that I think Hannity is afraid of the intellect of Lionell.

Limbaugh simply isn’t up to snuff any longer and is so full of himself that going head to head with Lionell would leave him looking for some pain killers after the debate. At the very least he would need a couple of aspirin.

For the record Snake Oil Sam had a lot to do with Hannity having a nationally syndicated radio show. Sure you say, but it is true. That is a story for another time. I also am the individual who had opportunity to turn Lionell onto a great Jazz, blues man by the name of Jonny Lang.
Snake Oil Sam
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