Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michael Savage and Arrogance

Perhaps Michael Savage is one of the most intelligent well educated and well spoken talk show hosts in America today. But in addition to those things he is also one of the most arrogant! To say that he is egotistical is to understate the fact.

In his program of October 24 he made no bones about the fact that it was his audience who holds the balance of power in the upcoming national election. To consider that his audience is not also the conservative Republican audience of Hannity and Limbaugh is ludicrous.

Certainly there are those who listen to and follow Savage who have lost interest in the words of Hannity and Limbaugh, viewing them as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, indeed mere Bushbots, but still there is a large crossover factor to be considered.

What do I mean by crossover factor? Many fans of Savage are still dearly loyal to both Hannity and Limbaugh. Indeed it was yours truly, Snake Oil Sam, who by way of writing a letter to the then W.A.B.C. station manager John Minelli years ago which brought national media attention to the then local talk show host, Hannity, resulting in his national syndication.

Savage by way of carefully stated words has placed himself in position that no matter what the outcome of the election, he will look like he stated the correct outcome that it is he and he alone that holds true power of the outcome of this election. He holds his decision on weather to vote Republican, his only choice as he states that he will never vote Democrat, or to simply sit out the election. He advises his audience to make up their own mind.

By not advising his audience about what to do with their vote, by not coming out and campaigning strongly for the Republican Party as Hannity and Limbaugh have done, by being wishy washy, Savage leaves the door open to later spin the issue anyway he desires since he has not taken a firm stand and called his listeners to support his position.

Therefore he maintains his self created and arrogant illusion that he and he alone holds the power, by way of his words, over the future direction of American politics. Give us a break Mike. Yes, you are an important player in the inner circle even though you don’t get the invitation to the beltway parties. Yes they do hear your words though not admitting it publicly. But please maintain a modicum of balance. You sir are a gear in the clock. Indeed, one of the seventeen Swiss jewels. Yes, a player but not the entire watch.

Still Savage made some very good points about the place that the Republican National Committee has occupied in the marketplace of Talk Radio that might very well threaten the nature of talk radio.

As Savage stated conservative talk radio is becoming one big political advertisement for the Republican Party. That is something which Democrats can use down the road in arguing for the return of the fairness doctrine.

One of the main reasons why Michael Savage is today one of the most important voices in Talk Radio, if not the most impirtant, is the very fact that he is not a part of the “good old boy” network of talkers. Savage has not sold his soul. He is perhaps the only true independent thinker left in America. That is or at least should be something which scares the heck out of everybody.

No, not because Michael Savage is an independent thinker, but because everyone else isn’t. The United States of America cannot continue to exist in freedom without independent thinking. If conservatives sellout to a party dogma because it seems like the right path then they had better do a little review of the worlds history of people who lock stepped to political dogma.

So, even though Michael Savage might not be the only player on the field he is certainly far more than a cheerleader on the sidelines. This article is not written so much to criticize Savage as much as it is written to let a little air out of his head so that it doesn’t explode since America cannot afford to loss him.

Michael, take some aspirin and call us in the morning.

Snake Oil Sam
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