Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Jersey City University Concert Series

A very special concert has been scheduled in honor of the memory of Sonya Moskowitz at The New Jersey City University, Jersey City, New Jersey. Moskowitz is attributed as founder of “Friends of Music and Art of Hudson County.” The concert, in tribute to Sonya, will feature Victoria Wefer, soprano along with Carmela Sinco, piano.

, who has delighted both her New York City audiences at the Amato Opera along with royalty in Europe, is a truly gifted performer who prides herself with the ability to capture the essence of the composition. Perfection would not be the correct word to describe her talent. Such dedication to the art form exceeds the word perfection. Simply stated, to not hear this gifted voice is to not hear the voice of angels on high.

likewise is a gift to those who delight in the sound of a well tuned Grand Piano. From a gentle touch of the keyboard to the maximum range of the instrument in concert stage performance she will make you lean out of your seat as she hits every note. Always the perfectionist, her focus is like a laser beam on target as she plays the musical notes before her. Though reading the notes one gets the sense that she has so well rehearsed the music that she could do it in the dark, blindfolded.

Besides being able to play the music of the masters, Sinco has now ventured into composition of her own work which will be featured in what is slated to be the (world premiere) performance of her own compositions along with works of Mozart, Strauss, Poulenc, Satie, Buencamino, Valverde and others. Also featured in this concert will be the (world premiere) work of Boury.

The concert is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, November 12th 2006 beginning at 3PM. All are invited to enjoy this portion of the now well known “Town and Gown Concert Series.” The concert will be held at Ingalls Recital Hall (Rossey 101), Rossey Hall, N.J.C.U. at Jersey City, New Jersey.

There will be no charge for admission to this tribute concert and there will be plenty of onsite parking which is offered to the availability and use of attendees at no charge. So if it is your desire to have an enjoyable afternoon, mark your calendar and be sure to set the date.

Dress is generally casual and the hall is very comfortable but somewhat smaller than might be needed so allow a little extra travel time and arrive a little early for seating. Every seat in the hall is a good seat.

A reception will follow the recital.
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