Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Population 300,000,000 and Counting

America now has a population of 300,000,000 people and that is a lot of people. But does the number include the tens of thousands of undocumented who have illegally entered the United States over the past several decades. No of course it doesn’t. That is why they are referred to as undocumented. How do you include in a count those who don’t officially exist? You cannot count what you can’t find. That is especially true if you are intentionally looking the other way!

But of course they do exist and mostly in America’s South West. Some are here for the reason that they need to support their family back home and some for less righteous reasons. Either way they are here and should be counted. But how do you count someone who does not want to be counted? How do you get them to pay their fair share?

One way in which to open up the entire underground economy would be to eliminate the U.S. income tax and replace it with a sales tax on all items at every level. That would mean that everyone whether legal in status or not would pay to play.

It might not be a perfect solution and it certainly does not address the problems of illegal immigration but at least it opens up an avenue to retaining some of the wealth of the United States and prevents it from being sent abroad. A good portion of the wealth of Mexico is based upon cash sent from the United States by those whose status can only be defined as illegal. That is precisely why Mexico’s President Fox is so happy to have them move north of the Rio Grande.

As too the issue of the status of those here illegally, why should anyone who cuts in the front of the line are able to stay at the front of the line. Those of you who have a heart which bleeds for the invader should take the first step by opening your beautiful home to the invader and providing at your expense the necessities of life for the invader whom your liberal heart loves.

All too often the liberal among us is more than willing to offer what is in the pocket of someone else so that they might feel good, warm and fuzzy. That Christian charity you wish to express is a wonderful thing. Just please let me decide where my Christian charity should be directed. Please don’t decide for me what I should do with my money.

Yes the population is at an all time high and rising every day. Let us demand that the powers that be, Democrat or Republican, are held accountable for their action related to the protection of the borders which just happens to be the main responsibility of a federal government.
Snake Oil Sam
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