Monday, October 30, 2006

Quest Diagnostics Launches New Information Website

In an effort to educate the general public about the importance which the medical diagnostic laboratory plays in the delivery of quality healthcare, Quest Diagnostics has recently launched a new informational website.

Quest Diagnostics believes that it is important that the patient, in his/her own interest, take the responsibility of assuring that their individual healthcare professional understand that they will not settle for just any laboratory. Since the results received by the medical professional are going to be utilized in determining the appropriate course of treatment it is vital that the doctor have the most accurate information available.

Quest Diagnostics believes that they are the laboratory of choice. Because of their commitment to people, the patient can be assured that each specimen collected by Quest Diagnostics is treated as the important thing which it is, recognizing that the health of the patient is bound to that specimen and the proper handling of it at every level.

Snake Oil Sam having reviewed the new website
must say that the site could use a little tweak. I was not very impressed by the design of this site and feel that it needs to reflect the true quality and professionalism of this company. Sadly I must report that it does not accomplish that goal at this moment in time.

I sincerely hope that those responsible for this initiative make the necessary changes very soon. It is not simply a matter of content it is a matter of how well the site looks. And this site is in need of a doctor’s tender loving care.

If you wish you might want to look at the official
Quest Diagnostics
site for other information concerning this fine company.
Snake Oil Sam
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