Friday, October 20, 2006

Religion, Veils and the Price of Hurt Feelings

Rare indeed is the individual who has not at some time or other had feelings hurt. We have all had our feelings hurt by the words or actions of others at some point in time. But what are hurt feelings really worth?

In London a Muslim teacher was suspended from her teaching job for failing to remove her veil during lessons. Aishah Azmi, 24, insisted on wearing the ‘niqab” a full veil which leaves only the eyes showing.

The education authority had a problem with that and thus the lawsuit began. The woman admitted that she had not worn the veil during the job interview process. An employment tribunal settled the matter by awarding her $1,870.00 for injury to her feelings.

The tribunal rejected her claim that she had been subjected to “Direct and indirect discrimination and harassment.”

I would have to ask a simple question, if the veil is so important to her then why did she fail to wear it during the job interview? I can’t imagine having to be instructed by a teacher whose face I could not look at. I had a hard enough time concentrating on the lessons when being instructed by a cross eyed teacher.

If people do not take action to prevent this sort of insanity then it can only be assumed that before long the same situation will develop in the school system of the United States. Why the religious views of anyone of us should be tolerated in a public school system is a question to ponder.

Before long people will begin to insist that they have a right to decide what the lesson plan should be. What if that lesson plan becomes the dogma of Islam or Christianity or perhaps Judaism? Will we be required to teach religious instruction in order to not hurt the feelings of the religious?

The cost of hurt feelings might very well prove to be the stability of a public school system. She deserved nothing but the ridicule of her peers. The local board of education sets the agenda for the curriculum and dress code for both students and teachers.
We can all practice our faith, whatever that might be, on our own time. But when working on the taxpayers’ dime all that Snake Oil Sam can say is simply shape up or ship out.
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