Sunday, October 15, 2006

Union Claims Intimidation at Bergen Regional Medical Center

Nurses at Bergen Regional Medical Center 230 East Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus New Jersey took to the street recently in an effort to call attention to what they declare to be “unsafe patient care and working conditions.”

In an effort to inform the public about the situation which they claim exists within the facility Nurses of the Union handed out flyers informing the public about the recent actions of management in an effort to be heard and bring about redress of grievances.

Below is a verbatim copy of the information handed out by members of the union.

Material dated October 13, 2006

HPAE Local 5091

Unsafe Conditions Created By BRMC

The involuntary transfer of RN’s in Behavioral Heath Service was extended to the F-1 unit-the Addictions unit. We believe this will create unsafe working and patient care conditions.

Our repeated requests for meeting with Management to discuss the impact and explore alternatives have fallen on deaf ears. On October 2, we came close to having such a meeting until the hospital refused to include the 20 RN’s who came to participate. The hospital then created a fictional scenario and suspended two of our key RN leaders on bogus allegations.

It gets worse. An RN on AG, a unit severely impacted by the transfers of RN’s over the summer, made formal report to her supervisor about a violent threat made to her by a patient. Instead of support, she was suspended for violating patient confidentiality!

All three RN’s will be back to work by Monday but we have filed grievances and ULP
*{unfair labor practice} charges in both cases and will aggressively pursue overturning these unjust efforts to bully our nurses.

We Will Not Be Silenced

The hospital’s aggressive approach is designed to intimidate and silence us from speaking out about unsafe working conditions. They don’t get it. This is our right and our obligation as nurses, professionals and union members.

They tried to silence us before by suing our union and HPAE president for speaking out about the unsafe patient care conditions at Bergen Regional Medical Center. A judge summarily dismissed the lawsuit.

Please join us in planning our future course of action.
Unit Captains Meeting
October 19
8am, 1pm and 4:30 pm.
BC Central Labor Council
205 Robin Road, Room 220 (off Century Road west)
Paramus, N.J. 07652

*(italics ours')

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