Monday, November 27, 2006

Barry Farber is Simply Michael Savage with Class!

A true gentleman filled in for vacationing Larry Kudlow on a recent Saturday at 770 W.A.B.C. in New York City. No stranger to the radio airwaves or W.A.B.C., Barry Farber “Took to the airwaves like a duck takes to water.” It was such a joy to hear the man speak on basically all subjects with such deep insight, blended with just the right degree of humility, a trademark of Barry Farber.

Farber who describes himself as a speaker of one language and a student of 26 languages is clearly a man who has an opinion worth hearing. What surprised me was when speaking of “Islamic Fundamentalism” and his position on issues surrounding the “War on Terrorism” his views were clearly linked to those of Michael Savage.

Perhaps it is a matter of geography, Farber being I believe a person raised in North Carolina, and Savage a New Yorker by birth, but the styles and approach to speaking to the audience is at opposite poles. While Savage has no qualms about insulting the intellect of any caller, Farber would be hard pressed to insult anyone.

And if Farber did insult a caller it would be with such an amount of style and class that the audience would have to give it serious thought before realizing that the caller had indeed been insulted. In example of the class of Barry Farber, when coming to a point of no resolution with a caller, in order to end the call Farber said “you and I are getting along like a slow waiter and a poor tipper.” Mix such comment with his gentle and soothing “Southern Gentleman” voice quality and you have an extraordinary talk show host.

Savage on the other hand would have simply said something on the order of “you are an idiot, drop dead” and would have then terminated the connection. He would have then gone into a diatribe about how stupid the caller was without the caller having the ability any longer to defend himself.

Indeed, though each man has the same perspective, Farber clearly demonstrates a far more willing ability to debate in a moderate tone. On the other hand sometimes I really have to laugh at the way that Michael Savage blows off a call. Perhaps I am being a little too critical of Savage. Perhaps I am simply confusing lack of class with a high degree of passion mixed with a generous amount of frustration.

I know that someday we are all going to hear a very load bang as Savage has a massive heart attack and hits the studio floor. I hope that he doesn’t fall on Teddy. Michael you really need to calm down and try to be a little more balanced. Listen to Barry Farber and try to imitate him.

On the other hand forget that last comment Michael. It would never work for you. You are far too Alpha Wolf to do your program in that mode. Just keep on yelling Savage. I guess that it takes all kinds of people to make life interesting. And one thing is for certain, Savage does make life interesting.
Snake Oil Sam
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