Thursday, November 23, 2006

Black and White and Red all Over Issues of MSN Version 7.0

What’s black and white and read all over? A newspaper! Or as in the case of the internet the answer is this blog. A somewhat new look has been assigned to this blog for a simple reason. Even though I have always liked the look of an all black page with mostly white text change is necessary.

Even though I think that white font face has a good look that is nothing more than personal taste. Sometimes in the publishing field it is, for technical reasons, necessary to make changes. Such is the case with the switch from white to blue font face type.

After having recently downloaded the latest version of msn’s browser to version 7.0 and trying out some of the features I find that one of the issues raised is that of font color. One of the features of the new browser is an rss button which automatically identifies the rss feed if one is present. That is a great idea in my opinion.

So, wanting to try it out I clicked on the button while viewing my own blog. That action gave me the option of subscribing to my own blog which I, being the narcissist who I truly am, chose to do. Now whenever I add new content to the blog it notifies me in a window that I can easily check by switching from favorites to feeds. You can, if you are using version 7.0 do the same thing and I hope that you do!

However when clicking on the link to the latest content I found that rather than being directed to the site it opened up some other sort of page which displayed the content in a format other than my own black and white format. One of the problems with that is that since I or anyone who uses white font face in a blog will have to change the font color to something that shows on an all white page.

That is of course an easy fix. But if however anyone has a blog which already contains a large quantity of material posted in white font face, that issue easily could become a very time consuming fix. There are other issues of which I still need to investigate related to this feature such as will the connection in this manner cause the hit counter change or will it be viewed from version 7.0 and yet remain an uncounted and unnoticed visit?

In any event I do think that the new msn version 7.0 has some pretty nice features. I mostly like the way it is set up with drop down boxes which gives it a much less cluttered look and feel. I hope that you all like the new look with the light blue font color.
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