Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Child Predator Issue

After reading certain things on the internet I thought that I would take the time and write on a subject of community interest since I have been seeing so much on this particular subject. The subject is sources of the danger which our children face. You might be shocked to read a story in the news about a teacher, community leader, religious leader or perhaps even a well know politician. Child Predators are among us in virtually every community.

Anytime any child is harmed by a pedophile it is a sad thing. I even learned recently that someone whom I once worked with was swept up in a nationwide roundup of such sad and pathetic people. Yes, you just never know any longer whom you can trust.

It has gotten to a point where almost everyone and anyone is suspect. Much has been the focus of the Catholic Church in recent years. But as a religion they do not seem to be alone with facing such accusations.

While doing a Google search I found information on this subject relating it to a group that would never have crossed my mind. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses have come under scrutiny recently. Some of this talk has been seemingly especially vindictive. Yet, any accusation related to this subject deserves to see the light of day and not be hidden from public view.

But such things should be done in a fair and honest way no matter who is involved. However, to talk about the worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses as though they are an organization completely filled with such people is ridiculous, just as it would be to relate such a thing to any church organization comprised of many diverse people. Suffice it to say that most good people love children and want to protect them.

Any group can have someone of this ilk enter it, but when found out strong measures are as I understand it taken by the leadership of this group to hold such individual accountable for their actions. That might not have been the course of procedure in the past with this group just as it was not in the Catholic Church. Public pressure brings about change and that is always a good thing.

To consider that a large list of “pedophiles” exists within the records of this organization as claimed by some does not give a true picture. In my research of this matter related to Jehovah’s Witnesses it seems that in many cases what is not mentioned about this list is that when these events took place the individual involved was at the time not even a part of this organization.

As a matter of fact in many cases it was an event which took place when the perpetrator was himself a child. It might have even been something as simple as an act of two young teens, a boy and a girl, “making out” which is I believe not even something that most people consider wrong.

But since Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to consider this childhood play to be sex sin they document it for their records, a thing which might just come back to bite them on the ass. I always have a problem with any group who is so anal about record keeping that they document activity of a persons past life. That scares me more than anything.

Yet due to high moral standards among this group such child play, something which most people consider simply a part of growing up, is seen as wrongful act, an act that would not even be considered by civil law to be an act of pedophilia.

Why would they keep such records? It has something to do with their perception that they must live highly holy and morally clean lives in order to be considered righteous in the eyes of their God. Are there some among them who fit this category of predator? Sadly the answer is clearly yes. But to paint this entire group as a pedophile paradise seems something south of what is true.

Consider that the individual who is in charge of what seems to be one of their main detractors, the SilentLambs group might very well have an ax to grind as a former member. Just because that person makes accusations does not justify or certify their being accurate or true.

To consider that when doing a Google search about these people brings up so much negative information should in itself be a reason to question the legitimacy of the information posted. If they are such an evil group then the F.B.I. should be raiding there Kingdom Halls and Child Welfare should be taking their children from them.

Of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that I know, many who have lovely children, they always seem well behaved and well cared for. Perhaps the reason that they seem to be so despised is that people don’t like other people coming to their door to preach about their religious views. When you go around telling people that their religion is all wrong and that God is not happy with you, people tend to not like you very much.

If Jehovah’s Witnesses would simply stay in their own community and leave everyone else alone perhaps then there would not be such a commotion about their being such horrible and evil people. The only real problem that they have is that their religious belief is that they must teach others what they understand to be the message of the bible.

If the people who believe all the hype about how bad Jehovah’s Witnesses are in protecting children then why not see for yourself and someday walk uninvited into their local worship hall. I think that you might get a different view of who they are.

Like someone once said it must be true because I read it on the internet. If Jehovah’s Witnesses have any predators among them then they should deal with it and not attempt to hide it.
Snake Oil Sam
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