Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Michael Savage Declares America’s Gelded Age

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Savage has stated in a turn of a phrase, that rather than a “gilded” age America has apparently entered a “gelded” age. It would seem that Lord Savage is not far off the mark on this subject.

While it might be an overstatement that all of the men in America have lost their testicular fortitude, it does appear that what we all perceived as a man a few short years ago is a rare commodity these days.

Thinking back to the words of a radio pastor that I would hear from time to time, a man whose name escapes me at the moment, he would refer to the subject by saying that he grew up in an age when “men were men and women were glad for it.”

On the other hand consider that even though many men have lost their balls, a quick check of the internet in a Google search will prove that even though the men have lost theirs, there is apparently an overabundance of “women?” who seem to have them. What’s wrong with this picture?

But seriously, in all reality, when the time arrives there are always those who are born of the Alfa male variety who will stand to meet the challenge. And I can say with confidence that Michael Savage is one of that breed.

Sure, he might get discouraged thinking that he has no power, but simply by being a lone voice in the wilderness, Savage is a beacon of hope for those who listen to his words. He seems to forget that a prophet is never accepted in his own generation.

Still the people hear the words of the prophet. A prophet does not always bring about change. Often it is the nature of the prophet to announce the wrath of God. A warning to those who are in danger to become wise in the path they follow.

A lamp placed under a bushel basket servers no useful purpose. A lamp is to be a guiding beacon. Savage is a beacon of light, the only one who has a forum and who always speaks the truth. Savage is a man who carries the water for no other man. He is in such unique position because he has no friends in the beltway.

I have just one point of contention Savage. When speaking of Rudy, please Savage, don’t say that he doesn’t play west of the Hudson. In truth he plays as far west as the Pocono’s, especially since a goodly portion of Brooklyn now lives in North Eastern Pennsylvania.
Snake Oil Sam
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