Monday, November 13, 2006

Victoria Wefer and Carmela Sinco Performance at New Jersey City University

Few words are required to describe the recent performance of lyric soprano Victoria Wefer and pianist Carmela Sinco. As a matter of fact I believe that I can describe it in only two words. Absolute talent! Even fewer words are required, indeed one word will suffice. Perfection!

Together these two women became one in a transition of substance into pure energy. A room filled with people who love the art of opera became silently aware that these two women represent the future of American Opera.

Wefer, who performs in no less than five languages, and attributes her unique abilities to her exotic heritage, having been raised by her mother who hails from the Netherlands Antilles has won numerous awards for her performances including but not limited to an award in the IX International Music Festival in Trujillo, Peru.

Sinco enjoys a career as a pianist, composer and educator in the New York City area. Though her list of accomplishments is far too great than time allows writing about, she has performed with classical singers in music festivals in Nice, France; Barcelona, Spain; St. Petersburg, Florida; and Montpelier, Vermont.

In this most recent recital Carmela performed her original composition set to a poem by Dorothy Parker titled “The Little Old Lady in Lavender Silk” to the delight of the Audience.

During the recital Sinco also took to the stage to offer a solo performance of Francisco Buencamino Sr.’s work titled “Harana.” Playing without the need of sheet music Carmela played the work as though in a trance. Her arms effortlessly flowed across the keyboard in a way that made any observer believe that she was possessed by a spirit of music.

But it was in fact simply the well trained and skilled accomplishment of a young lady who has so well rehearsed the work that it has become a part of who she is. Yes, she has the ability to transform into the music becoming one with the instrument. Like a Zen Master of music Carmela had become the music.

Much the same can be said of Ms. Wefer who performed this day in English, High German, French and Spanish. She was later praised and complimented by a local Priest of the Roman Catholic Church who though stating that he was quit impressed with her selections in Spanish, as that is his native language, declared without hesitation that Pope Benedict himself would be greatly impressed by her ability to sing the High German opera.

If in fact you missed this event you might want to hear these two wonderful young artists perform some of the works in Spanish, a beautiful C.D. titled Jurame is available. Address e-mail to for information on how to obtain copies of this C.D. for your listening pleasure.

Until next time I look forward with much anticipation to the day when I will once again get to hear Victoria Wefer and Carmela Sinco share center stage as they did in this recital.

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