Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Bloggers of America Power in Words

Having just read an article at Lab Soft News written by Bruce Friedman dealing with the subject of blogging I would like to take a few moments of your valuable internet time to offer my view of the subject. First let me say that I am still just a little more than excited about this subject since it earned me a Time Person of the Year Award as I am sure you are already aware.

Yes, that award makes a good point about blogging and bloggers. Indeed we do play a part in modern culture of media and news. That is why I feel that it is such an important medium. The fact that just about anyone who can compose a cogent sentence can express ideas and opinions which sometimes might even prove important or at least informative is a powerful idea.

If a news organization which once proved all powerful, as they were those who controlled the news can be challenged that turns the balance of power to the people as it was intended to be. In effect true democratic values can now be exercised as never before in all of human history.

In the world of the internet no subject is sacred. Political views can be challenged or expounded. Religious teachings and belief can be evangelized or perhaps challenged as can those who place themselves as the representatives of Gods word can be questioned. It is then up to the teacher to defend his or her teaching rather than simply hide behind a veil of media and information control.

Those who do not have the savvy or time to create a full blown internet website or do not choose to go to the expense of registering a domain name can simply create an account with one of many blogging sites such as Blogger and let the world hear what that blogger has to say.

But is the blogosphere simply for the individual? I say no! Cleary it is a medium which anyone can utilize. However, having said that I would add that if a company, a business does choose to blog then that business should point out that they are indeed talking about a subject from the perspective that they have a vested financial interest in the thing being blogged about.

It is highly likely that not too many large corporations will utilize the field of blogging as pointed out in the Lab Soft News article; there are so many layers of lawyers that nothing would ever get approved for a blog submission. A blog such as this would never fly since it is a very open type of format.

Still that does not change the fact that there are many benefits to all companies both large and small in establishing a corporate blog. How the company would go about organizing it would be their business. But no company should overlook the power of a blog.

On the other hand any individual inside a company who has a self published blog might want to consider keeping identity secret as the individual might not always have complimentary things to say about the company. And as well the company might have internal rules related to the matter. Rules which discourage him or her from blogging, rules which are not legal I might add.

Still rules which can cause internal problems do often exist somewhere within the pages of a dusty employee handbook. For that reason I suggest that any individual not willing to deal immediately with company reaction maintain a degree of anonymity while blogging.

In example I offer a subject which I have had a good deal to comment on lately. That is of course the issue of the United Healthcare contract which is soon to transfer over to the terms established between United Healthcare and Lab Corporation of America.

This is a subject of interest and note which has been viewed and reviewed here by the Justice Department of the United States of America, the Internal Revenue Service, and host of banking and investment institutions and a few company legal departments to name just a few.

That United Healthcare contract is intended to cut the current contract holder Quest Diagnostics out of the picture as of midnight entering January 01, 2007. A question asked here is will it have that intended effect?

In my opinion, as stated earlier in other post(s) it will prove to be a real cat fight. From what I am hearing on that subject, Lab Corporation of America and if I were to extrapolate, United Healthcare might be getting just a little nervous about this still fluid situation.

It seems from what I have been hearing; Lab Corporation of America had hoped to convert as many of the Quest Diagnostic accounts over to the Lab Corp. group as early as possible for obvious reasons.

That does not however appear to be the case. It seems that the Quest Diagnostics sales staff has been busier than Santa and his elves in calling on their medical client accounts assuring them that all legal avenues will be pursued to make it possible for those who now depend on the high quality and value of
Quest Diagnostics testing services to continue to be able to maintain that level of service sans United Healthcare contract.

That of course is an issue important to both doctor and patient. And one of the many guiding values of Quest Diagnostics, a core value, is that the patient comes first. So with that having been said it appears that Lab Corporation of America not only needs to get the business from Quest Diagnostics, perhaps even more importantly they need to get the trust of the medical professional.

And since they have still failed to explain to me, Snake Oil Sam how they can allow their employees the ability to utilize Lab Corporation of America corporate fleet vehicles as personal vehicles for sixteen out of every twenty-four hour day in addition to a forty eight hour weekend and all vacation time while using fuel, oil, tires, maintenance costs associated with mechanic labor costs while writing off that expense on tax records, then I fail to see just how they expect to gain the trust and confidence of the medical community or the patient.

After all, who could do business with a company which gives their employees something akin to an employee benefit and then manages to list it on federal tax records as the cost of doing business when that in fact might not be the case?

Quest Diagnostics does not conduct business that way and with good reason. Beyond their concept of total integrity and compliace with the law at every level, they want to protect the company Quest Diagnostics and its investors from legal action directed at the company and the executive staff from the Internal Revenue Service.

I would imagine that anytime a company attempts to get over on the federal boys that such company is just flirting with disaster. So how then is it that Lab Corporation of America seems to continue to flirt by allowing the fleet staff to use company vehicles for much personal use? Perhaps their stockholders should ask the question. Perhaps the I.R.S. should like to ask as well.

Perhaps such a company feels that they are able to fly under the radar of the Internal Revenue Service. Who knows maybe such a practice is completely legal. Perhaps the only reason that Quest Diagnostics doesn’t do the same thing is that they expect their employees to use there own G.T.O. (gas, tires, oil) in conducting personal business.

And I offer this article as yet one more example of the power and importance of the blog. And that comes to you courtesy of the individual who recently received the Time Person of the Year Award. Pretty sweet! Thank you Time!
Snake Oil Sam
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