Friday, December 01, 2006

Has Michael Savage Gone Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

Now I am not making any claims to having any formal education in the medical field, but I have to wonder, has the pressure finally gotten to Savage? The man is talking about childhood dreams and asking his audience to interpret the meaning. Michael, either you are pulling someone’s leg or you need a rest.

Savage seems to think that he has some sort of higher calling. Mike, it’s a radio show. You are starting to get a little to full of yourself. Take Teddy and get on the boat. Go out in the bay and watch the sea birds for a few hours. Mike people are starting to worry about you. You are going to lose your credibility if you continue with this nut cake talk. Leave the Twilight Zone stuff to Art Bell. After all that is his gig.

Savage, you need to stay on target. Politics and Washington D.C. is your point of concern. Enough with the Bible verse spouting and talk about Evolution vs. Creation. We really don’t care about that subject. Leave that subject to the Pentecostals.

If you want to talk religion keep it in context of the problem with Islam. But come on Mike stay away from the subject of individual belief. That does not make for a good program. People are starting to tune out. If you keep on the current path you are going to drive everyone away.
Snake Oil Sam
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