Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hobnobbing with the Big Boys! Oh Baby!!

Whenever anyone mentions the name George Soros anyone with even a modicum of knowledge associates the name with both political power and great wealth. So how is it that a little nobody like Snake Oil Sam, a guy who couldn’t even show up as a blip on the Teterboro airport radar screen is able to attract the attention of those controlling the money of Mr. George Soros? Yet that appears to be the case.

IP Address 208.197.121.# (Soros Fund Management)
ISP UUNET Technologies
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : New York
City : Brooklyn
Lat/Long : 40.6525, -73.9554 (Map)

Sure, by my writing on this subject of the United Healthcare, Lab Corporation of America, Quest Diagnostics issue it seems that I have been able to attract the attention of the Internal Revenue Service, the Justice Department of The United States of America, several major banking institutions, the legal departments of Lab Corporation of America, Quest Diagnostics as well as United Healthcare, each a player in a very important healthcare issue which directly affects the lives of millions of people, but now George Soros. Wow!

I have to say that I am honored to be in such enviable company. Miss. Crabtree was right when she said that it was important to learn to write well. And imagine I almost played hooky to go fishing with Alf Alfa, Spanky and the boys.

I have to wonder what side of the fence old George has his money on. My guess would be that it is with United Healthcare. But I could be wrong. In any event I have to say that I am indeed fascinated by the power of one tiny little blog.

Can it be possible that such a simple and insignificant person as me utilizing some pretty simple technology by publishing with the help of a really simple syndication feed constitutionally protected thoughts and opinions can cause concern or upset in the halls of the industrial and financial power elite?

Well all that I can say is that I hope that people or governmental agencies who have any power in investing the developing story of the actions taking place in the issue of the United Healthcare and Lab Corporation of America contract do some digging.

Because even though Snake Oil Sam believes in the concept of free enterprise, I also believe in the concept that companies should play the game by the rules. And if the talk that I have heard that doctors are being intimidated with lawsuits if they so much as consider sending medical specimens out of network to Quest Diagnostics after the new contract with lab Corporation of America becomes effective as of January 01, 2007 then it just might be time for the feds to start asking some questions.

Let’s face it when a few billion dollars is on the line people tend to stop thinking about following the law and consider doing things in a less than business like fashion. And that is simply the protected free speech opinion of Snake Oil Sam.

Yes children, it is not an accusation it is just a point of view which I as a native born American of no less than five generations offer for the consideration of others. I am simply asking questions. I don’t have the answers but I sure would like some. And who could be accused of doing the wrong thing when all as they are saying is that big brother should take a look and ask some questions.

Good Morning Miss. Crabtree!
Snake Oil Sam
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