Friday, December 01, 2006

I Do Believe In Spooks! Is Lab Corporation of America Under The Microscope?

Cowardly Lion proclaimed “I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do believe in spooks!" And I might add that I, Snake Oil Sam, do also believe in spooks, especially after seeing that some spooks in the guise of the “Architect of the Capitol” have been looking into some of what I have blogged regarding the questioning of certain issues of a particular business practice of Lab Corporation of America. And since the “United States Department of Justice” has also been visiting that subject I suspect that I might have set off some alarm bells in the capitol of our great nation.

Of course there is always the possibility that it is I, Snake Oil Sam, who is under the scrutiny of the federal government for having said something which upset someone within the corporate power elite. Perhaps the heat is on me and not Lab Corporation of America. But who am I but a simple and humble American with a blog and a copy of the Constitution of The United States of America, someone who doesn’t want to see apathy consume that great document.

It seems that even the Bank of America wants to read what I have been writing about the subject. It is nice that I am able to attract such a wide and diverse group of readers and researchers. I should consider myself fortunate to be so honored. It just goes to demonstrate the significance of freedom of speech.

And in this day and age of ‘The Patriot Act” data mining protects us all not only from radical fundamentalist Islamic terrorism, but serves as a great way for the spooks in Washington to learn about any possible corporate misadventure as well.

Yes, like it or not we all live within the Matrix and whether you accept it or not everything you or I say, do and yes especially blog, is known by those spooks. So it is a simple matter of, red pill, blue pill. The Craft really does control everything. The Illuminati live and die by the collection and analysis and appropriate distribution of raw data.

So it should not surprise anyone when questions asked about certain bookkeeping practices related to the Internal Revenue Service should cause the “All Seeing Eye” to focus on comments and questions within my innocent little blog, Snake Oil Sam’s Radio Review.

But in all fairness to the Executive of Lab Corporation of America in advance warning, a friendly heads up if you will, I suggest that you consider certifying that all of your books are in order. Think Enron! You just might be expecting a visit from the Justice Department. But of course I could be wrong about that.

Lab Corporation of America spends a lot of time looking into the microscope. Be assured that Lab Corporation of America is a worthy competitor of Quest Diagnostics, the laboratory of choice for millions of people. Perhaps Lab Corp is now under the microscope? Mcgoo, you’ve done it again!
Snake Oil Sam
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