Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is Snake Oil Sam Offensive? Yes Says Blogger Search

Well, it seems that you learn something new about yourself everyday. It appears that in response to an inquiry from someone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, yes indeed Snake Oil Sam does have a worldwide readership, that the individual was searching the Blogger search engine for “offensive blogs” and guess whose favorite Snake showed up.

Here I have always thought that the word “offensive” always applied to things such as actor turned stand up comic Michael Richards going ballistic and calling members of the audience “niggers.”

Whoever it was at blogger search who listed this as an offensive blog needs to get his or her priorities straightened out soon. This is not an offensive blog. It is a critical blog. There is a difference you know. In most cases being offensive serves little useful purpose.

On the other hand being critical can be a very useful tool for effecting change in society. Perhaps the person who listed this as an offensive blog considered it such due at least in part to the fact that I have in several articles referred to Michael Savage as possibly one of the most intelligent men in America today.

Maybe the person who listed this blog as offensive is a liberal who hates Michael Savage and anyone who agrees with much of what he has to say. Well, if that is the reason that I am being called offensive then I don’t mind as long as it puts me in the company of the likes of Dr. Savage.

But for the record, since the Department of Justice of the United States of America has been known to be a visitor to this blog please get the listing correct. Again Blogger, it is not offensive, it is critical.

But on the other hand, whatever listing gets the readership here, a hit is a hit. Thanks for the reference Blogger.
Snake Oil Sam
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