Friday, December 08, 2006

Teterboro Airport and the C.I.A. Connection?

Now I like a good conspiracy story just as much as the next guy. But the last thing that I thought that I would ever read is a conspiracy story involving Teterboro Airport and some of the issues surrounding that facility.

Sure I see the “Men in Black” there from time to time but that has more to do with security issues related to the United Nations and things associated with that fine organization. But the story at the blog at this link really was interesting if nothing else. And it contains a couple of nice old pictures of the airport back in the day when it was still a safe place. Looks like maybe back as far as when Lindy himself flew out of the airfield.

I have on at least one occasion bumped into Al “Sharpy” Sharpton and have to admit that I have to admire a man who travels on private jets with women who look that good. Many well known and not so well known people use the facility. But I have never given much thought to it being a cloak and dagger type of operation.

But since it is a convenient airport from which people can travel with little or no substantial security checks it shouldn’t be a surprise that it makes a good launching sight for a C.I.A. operation or two. That isn’t to imply that the facility is simply a C.I.A. operation as a lot of legitimate and important business is conducted there on a daily schedule.

Personally I am still more interested about how the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the owner and operator of that diverter airfield will have paid upon completion of the new arrestor beds which allegedly make the field a little more safe, something on the order of I believe about $20,000,000.00 for what I think is at best about an acre or two of light weight concrete blocks which are designed to crush under the weight of any aircraft passing wheels over them.

Shortly after the installation of the arrestor bed at the Northern terminus of the main runway a misplaced jet inadvertently verified that it works. Well, works might not be the best way to define the situation. At least it breaks as it is designed to do at slow override speed. That doesn’t account for a craft driving over it at about 120 M.P.H. and departing the airfield on the ground, which the N.T.S.B. has already determined will likely not be able to prevent.

I really am surprised that The Record of Hackensack hasn’t looked into the issue of the cost in a little greater detail. Perhaps they have and I simply missed the article. On the other hand since the owners of the airport have considerable political power that fine daily might not want to ask too many questions regarding what I feel is far more than should be paid for such a job.

But then again since most people don’t give much of a thought about that bi-state agency other than thinking that they charge way too much in bridge and tunnel tolls. I guess that just about any sort of back door politics can go on there without much more than an eyebrow raising.

Still I wish you guys at The Record would ask a few questions about the cost of the arrestor beds. After all the only reason that anyone even knows that it was installed was because some pilot screwed up and forgot that red lights mean pretty much don’t go here.

Perhaps he thought that the red light was just the port light on a jet going the other way. So if anyone at The Record is reading this blog and you know of a reporter who is just sitting around drinking coffee and waiting for the phone to ring, maybe you could just ask him to go to Teterboro and ask a few questions. Maybe he might get a good story out of the subject.

And since you folks at the Internal Revenue Service in the Beltway have recently joined my circle of friends along with the United Sates Department of Justice perhaps you could also ask a few questions about why cheap concrete is costing the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and ultimately the American people about $20,000,000.00 for something that won’t likely make the airport any safer in the long run.
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