Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time Names Snake Oil Sam Person of the Year

The celebration had gone on for hours and old Snake is just a little tired following all of the festivities. I think that a shot of Snake Oil is called for. Besides, all of the good Kentucky Bourbon is gone. Really though I am truly gratified by the selection of myself for such a prestigious honor.

I really think that such honor belongs to each of you and I am more than happy to share it with you. After all, you deserve this honor as much as I do. Some are critical of the move, saying that it is a copout on the part of Time. But in my view I think that it is an act of capitalistic genius to name us all Person of the Year.

Who is not going to rush to the newsstand in order to purchase this issue? Get an extra copy or two for your friends. This just might be one of the best selling issues ever. But apart from the issue of money, who truly deserves the award of Person of the Year?

Is it not the members of the United States Military who are on the frontline? Is it not the families of those individuals who each day wait for the safe return of a loved one not knowing if they will ever again feel the warm embrace of that man or woman?

It is indeed those people who keep us safe. It is the members of the civilian police forces throughout America, the firefighter, the emergency response teams along with the medical professionals who care for us. It is the individual members of the intelligence gathering community who work in secret so that something like 9-11 might not ever happen again.

Do they take some of our precious freedom and liberty by doing so? Some would argue yes to that question. But what is the cost of freedom but that some of it should be expended in the fight against those who would seek to destroy this nation and its allies.

If darkness prevails then freedom and democracy soon becomes a distant memory. So if the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. wants to listen to my rather dull telephone conversation then let them. I just wish that they would do it in a way that does not cause all of the line static and clicking. Come on guys, clean it up a little. Please! Pretty please with sugar on top.

I would like to thank the members of the Picatinny Arsenal for your continuing interest in and support of this humble little blog. I hope that you are enjoying it and I hope that you tell your friends so that they also might honor me with an occasional visit.

So, as I add this entry to the library of Snake Oil Sam blog posts, I hope that I have managed to fulfill my obligation as a Time Person of the Year in that I might have brought a little joy into a world of sadness. Just give peace a chance. Blog on then my fellow award winners.
Snake Oil Sam
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