Friday, December 15, 2006

Twas’ the Week before Christmas

Twas’ the week before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The reason that the mouse was not stirring is because about a week ago I left him a little piece of cheese and he went for it. The metal trap snapped right on his little mouse head. It popped one of his eyes right out of his head.

And now we move on to a little discussion of more important issues. I have believed for quite a while that our government knows everything that we say, everything we blog and just about all we think. Yes, I know, wear the tinfoil hat, but they have technology capable of penetrating even the tinfoil hat.

A few days ago I was talking to little Snake junior on the Nextel Direct Connect and he brought up a subject which we have discussed in the past. It was about how the military of the United States moves military equipment and weaponry around using the trucks of Wal-Mart, a great company in my view.

As he is driving down Route 80 in New Jersey he calls me and asks if there are any military bases nearby. When I ask him why he wants to know he says that he just saw a slow moving convoy of Wal-Mart trucks.

So, I tell him that the only thing nearby that I can think of is the Picatinny Arsenal which develops, test and I think produces some highly sophisticated weaponry. Well don’t you know that the next day someone at the Picatinny arsenal is checking out my little blog?

As a matter of fact they have been here a couple of times.

IP Address 68.196.104.# (Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems))
ISP Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems)
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : New Jersey
City : Picatinny Arsenal
Lat/Long : 40.9262, -74.5789 (Map)

Sorry folks but you won’t find any security threat here. However, I am happy that you stopped by and hope that you become a regular reader. Feel free to bookmark the blog.

Now I guess that you are likely sitting in that big steel tower that you built off of Route 15 in Jefferson Township right after 9-11. I bet you get a great view from up there. Is there any way that a civilian can come up and visit on a clear day?

Anyway, I am becoming extremely bored blogging about United Healthcare as I am sure everyone else is. Well, everyone but the legal department at Quest Diagnostics. They can’t seem to get enough of this stuff.

Perhaps I will have more to say on the subject after the New Year since I don’t think that much is going to change before then. After that all bets are off. After Lab Corporation of America assumes control of the contract it shall prove interesting just how effective the Quest Diagnostics sales staff is at retaining old business and how effective Lab Corporation of America is at converting the large volume of business which they potentially stand to gain.

It should prove to be a real cat fight and I just love to watch a good cat fight. Who will prevail in this fight? Will there be a clear winner? I think that Quest has a long row to hoe in order to maintain the market share from this still developing situation. Both sides are being pretty tightlipped and I imagine that they would both like to see it kept as quite as possible until one or the other seems to be prevailing in the conversion war.

Just one more thing yet another party interested in the conversion war.

IP Address 12.146.96.# (SUNGARD TREASURY)
ISP AT&T WorldNet Services
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : New York
City : New York
Lat/Long : 40.7619, -73.9763 (Map)
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