Monday, December 04, 2006

What? Censorship in a Free Society?

I sure hope that the good people of the United States of America understand that the right to free speech is indeed a fragile right. So fragile that in this paranoid society there are those wolves who are just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting.

Recently I have been quite intrigued by the source of some of the visits to this humble little blog, Snake Oil Sam’s Radio Review. Upon viewing a particular visitor I decided to do a search of just who they are and what is being said about that visitor.

It appears that along with all of the people who come to the blog by way of hyperlinks and perhaps and hopefully bookmarks, many of the truly interesting and important visitors are large and powerful banking groups, lawyers, government agencies and those companies being spoken about. I guess that they feel that they all have a vested interest in what I am saying.

That is the problem with blogging, it allows far more information to be discussed on the internet than some powerful people might like to see disseminated. Add to that a syndication feed and you have a regular twenty first century corporate concern. What might really bother them is that because of blogs they really aren’t as powerful as they might like to imagine.

And so since they can’t control what is said, short of shutting down a blog, which in all but the most severe cases is highly unlikely for a slew of legal reasons which I won’t go into right now, they will simply continue to watch and wait for what they see as a just legal cause. And besides, think of all the bad press that they would get if they tried to silence someone who has a small voice. Face it, Americans don’t like censorship.

Sadly for them they won’t find that legal reason here to shut down this blog or take legal action, because this is a non malicious blog in which I raise legitimate issues of public concern, often stated in the form of a non accusatory question rather than an out and out accusation. “Momma didn’t raise no fool.” So, it would appear that perhaps because of the focus of some of my comments and questions, such folks want to prepare for damage control in advance.

So I ask this question, is Media Edge working at the behest of Lab Corporation of America? That is simply a question. There is still nothing illegal about asking questions as far as I know. Perhaps it is simply the business practice of this organization to mine information for a data base. Perhaps Lab Corp. has nothing to do with the issue. But since Lab Corp. has been apparently interested in what I have to say it just makes for a plausible explanation in my humble view.

That is only a matter of speculation, but large corporations with large banks investing hundreds of millions of investor dollars have to do what they see as appropriate to protect that investment. And since those big G.S. 5 riding bankers are watching old Snake Oil, well just put the pieces together.

In my inquiry into the agenda of a visitor of interest YOUNG RUBICAM MEDIA EDGE I found a blog of interest, addressing this very
, in which this and many other similar groups have paid visits. If you would like to read of those comments feel free to follow this link. As I have not done any research into this herein linked blogger I assume no responsibility for anything there which might be offensive or legally actionable. All things written at that blog are of a nature of which I have no control or responsibility.

I provide the link simply for purpose of shinning light on a subject of which I am just now myself become aware. It seems that in this age of “The People’s Media,” a media which is in the hands of the private citizen there are many who are interested in keeping track of such information distribution.

And that is just fine with me, Snake Oil Sam. I am more than happy to have anyone and everyone read what I have to say on anything and everything about which I write. Since I do so without malice I fail to see any legal issues. Visit often and thank you. See, not only non malicious but polite too.

I conclude this note by saying that I wish a good day to the good people at Media Edge, Lab Corporation of America, Quest Diagnostics, United Healthcare, The United States Department of Justice, Master Card the Bank of America all of whom are reading my thoughts about Lab Corporation of America to name just a few.

I also send my warmest regards to those Lawyers who are reading what I have to write about Michael Savage, who in my view just might be the most intelligent man in America. I also wish all of the Spooks in the Department of Homeland Security a wonderful day. Keep America safe, and remember, there really are terrorists under your bed.
Snake Oil Sam
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