Friday, January 12, 2007

Breakfast with Snake Oil Sam

Who at Quest Diagnostics is so dedicated to this blog that they would spend a half hour so very early in the day reading what I have to say while perhaps enjoying a cup of java? I can’t imagine that anyone would want to start the day by reading my words. I can’t even imagine that anyone would be at work that early in the day. But like they say “the early bird gets the snake.”

I read an interesting article in the Record about bloggers’ and the ability to obtain vital information in the war on terrorism by mining blogs. It is difficult to imagine that anyone would blog information which could be useful to the spooks. But I guess that people say the wrong thing sometimes and when put together with other snippets of info and a whole lot of luck then they just might come up with something worthwhile, the big picture.

I wonder what would happen to those not so secret operations if some group of people simply contributed countless hours of useless information related to subjects such as assassination, nuclear weapons and any of the other subjects which cause bells and whistles to alert.

I guess that anyone who wants to find something of value is trained to ferret out the superfluous information and focus on the important. This might very well prove to be the most superfluous blog of all time. This might prove to be an effective way to fight a war. But somehow the image of a computer geek fighting the war on terror doesn’t seem to be the thing of which big blockbuster movies can be made.
Snake Oil Sam
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