Friday, January 26, 2007

Challenge to Quest Diagnostics

This is a challenge to the executives of Quest Diagnostics intended to show the public that the employees of Quest Diagnostics really care about people. It involves your program of charity matching funds provided by Quest Diagnostics in which all charitable donations made by your employees are matched dollar for dollar.

I believe that you should begin a special project and notify all of your employees that all funds contributed by your employees to the World Trade Center Memorial Fund will be matched by Quest Diagnostics.

This is such an important fund because it is time for a Permanent Memorial to be built in New York City. Let the public know that you care. Let the public know that you care by telling them that you are a corporate sponsor of this memorial. You already do so many good charitable things through REACH that help others.

It is time to bring Quest Diagnostics into the picture and support the memorial. Now is the time to show the world that corporate America sometimes gives back to the people and communities which it serves.

So, as much as I appreciate you visiting, stop wasting so much of your legal departments time in the reading this blog ad nauseam and do something of value. Get that copy machine fired up and let your employees know that they have the opportunity to do something really important. Support the New York City Memorial Fund.
Snake Oil Sam
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