Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hilary Clinton and Snake Oil Sam Announce

Since Hilary Clinton has decided to announce her intention to seek the office of President of The United States of America it is only fitting and proper that I, Snake Oil Sam, not one to be left out, should also announce similar intentions. I see no need to form an exploratory committee as this is clearly going to be a one man mission. I will simply use this blog to put forth my political campaign platform.

As an Independent candidate my platform will be based on four primary areas of concern.

1: Civilian Law Enforcement
2: National Security
3: Education
4: Taxes

Though as President of The United States of America I will address many important issues on a daily basis, I will pledge to everyone my full attention to these four primary areas of concern as I see them as being of great significance to all Americans.

I list here the following four main campaign issues and the subtexts within each of the four major points of concern:

1: Civilian Law Enforcement

• Issue executive directive to Congress to create a bill making the killing of any law enforcement officer while in the commission of a crime a federal offense carrying an automatic death sentence.
• Create war on street gangs and gang violence. Utilize all police agencies local, county, state and federal to disrupt gang criminal activity focusing on gang infiltration and the identification, arrest and prosecution of gang leadership.
• Create hard labor work camps for juvenile gang members as an alternative to standard jail time.
• Create military style boot camps for adult gang members with military frontline service as a long term rehabilitation objective.
• Outsource prison housing of incorrigible hardcore and violent repeat offenders to Siberia.
• Take back urban and suburban streets from gangs and end gun violence.

2: National Security:

• Drastically increase funding to F.B.I. dedicated to domestic counter intelligence division and develop a Federal Rapid Response Police Force, a highly armed and highly trained federal paramilitary police unit trained in urban warfare to work in conjunction with and to supplement local, county and state police agencies.
• Secure the National Borders and triple the manpower of the Border Patrol with an additional supplement of all State National Guard troops who will use the training exercise time as a show of force.
• Build physical barriers wherever they are deemed to be required to harden the border with Mexico. Develop and utilize high tech surveillance drones and electronic monitoring equipment to fill in gaps in the border and as a way of supplementing manpower.
• Order the United Nations to relocate outside of the United States of America.

3: Education:

• Create and fund a Nationwide Charter School system as an alternative to the current public school system. Encourage excellence in results of public schools through competition with charter schools.
• Create a state by state centralized school district system in order to eliminate duplication of services reducing the cost of education paid for by taxpayers.
• Create a centralized materials purchasing department within each state in order to ensure equality of education format and to provide cost effectiveness for all school districts.
• End the current tenure programs and pay teachers on a sliding scale basing the pay scale on a combination of time of service and performance of the educator. Goal is to raise the pay of good teachers and eliminate teachers who are determined to be slackers.
• Advance the stature of the American education system by creating a full time 48 week school year.
• Higher more teachers in order to reduce the student to teacher ratio.

4: Taxes:

• Eliminate the current graduated income tax.
• Create a 15% flat tax system on all personal income with zero deductions.
• Create a 1% value added tax on all non food items.
• Create an import tax on all foreign automobile imports.
• Eliminate all corporate taxes.
• Eliminate the death tax.
• Encourage Wall Street investment through elimination of all capital gains taxes on capitol gains below $100,000.00.
Snake Oil Sam
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