Friday, January 19, 2007

Is Michael Savage a Snake Oil Salesman?

While the basic belief of Snake Oil Sam is “laissez faire,” though the format of this blog might not always reflect that concept, and while I am now about to wax political, mostly about Michael Savage, I have to make one off topic comment. It would appear that many individuals and organizations finding this humble little blog have one focus in mind. And that focus is to learn the deep dark secrets of Quest Diagnostics. At least that is what all of the Google searches would indicate.

Well there really aren’t in my view many secrets in a company which prides itself on transparency unlike other diagnostic laboratories who like to operate on an uneven playing field.

One of those things, sadly not so deep and dark is that the belt at Quest Diagnostics is starting to get just a little bit tighter than it had been before the contract with United Healthcare went to Lab Corporation of America.

That is a decision which some executives might be regretting just a little at the moment. But that is just an opinion. But if that comment gives the executives at United Healthcare any degree of succor keep in mind these words as stated by NOZ “every dog has its day, what goes around, comes around.” “Don’t worry ya’ll, we’ll get through it!”

I hope that little tidbit of information keeps all of you QuestOphiles happy. But what I really want to write about today so as not to waste any valuable Constitutional right of free speech while I still have it is to ask the question used to title this post. Is Michael Savage a Snake Oil Salesman? Not that I have any real problem with Savage or his attempt to sell such a fine product as snake oil.

God only knows I’ve sold plenty of it in my day, but people have come to rely on Savage to dispense truth and accuracy. When I heard him last night in an interview talking about the “fact” that the Arab political lobby has extensive influence in the Department of Defense I have to question if Savage is not simply attempting to vend fear to his audience?

What makes me feel this way is not the thought that this sort of thing might not in fact be happening, but the way in which the interview took place. While Savage often speaks with tremendous frankness, passion and integrity, his presentation of that interview came across as some sort of scripted and well rehearsed info-mercial. Indeed the sound of his voice did not have the ring of truth and believability that is a hallmark of Savage.

So I am left with wondering if the entire segment was simply some sort of ratings ploy intended to incite his audience into a mentality of dependence on Savage for prophetic vision. Michael, don’t you ever resort to that sort of thing.

Perhaps I am misinterpreting the situation. Perhaps it was just that the information presented, the unsubstantiated claims of just one individual reporting the story, was so unbelievable that Savage himself lost his own persona for a moment while he attempted to digest and analyze the information which was being presented. Perhaps his unusual sound was because Savage understood just how grave such a matter would be to the security of America.

If the information was indeed factual, then it looks as if the other side has the upper hand and in fact might have already one the war. That might very well play into the other aspect of the war. An aspect of the war which has caused me to wonder on more than one occasion if the war in the middle east is not simply a diversion for the far more important Machiavellian agenda.

That agenda is the establishment of a new superpower nation The United States of CanMexAmerica, oil and mineral rich and completely no longer dependant upon the middle east which will be given to Islamic radical fundamentalists at the cost of poor little Israel.

So get ready to trade in all of your greenbacks for the new and soon to be introduced $Amero. Be on notice Europe, the Euro is facing stiff competition. Be on notice Israel, “see ya’ wouldn’t want to be ya’.”
Snake Oil Sam
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