Friday, January 05, 2007

Lab Soft News Perspective on Lab Corps. Fleet Vehicles

As just about everyone already knows I have been ranting about what I perceive to be a misuse of fleet vehicles used by Laboratory Corporation of America. But in an article by Bruce Friedman at Lab Soft News he makes an interesting observation.

I don’t know that it could be used by them to justify the action for tax purposes but it is a really great spin which I have never even considered. And that is a rare thing since my mind often works in sinister ways.

He states the following: Sam, I don't know anything about the IRS rules governing personal use of company cars. However, from where I sit, this is merely a component of the megadollar marketing campaign described above.
{see his article} How wonderful to have a large fleet of LabCorp company billboards traversing the highways of America night and day.
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