Thursday, January 04, 2007

New York Radio Quandary

Now that the New Year has begun and all of the talk show hosts are back from winter holiday vacation I am faced with a problem. How do I listen to a couple programs which I enjoy and which air at the same time?

Of course everyone already knows that Ron Bennington and his girl Fez Watley are back on air in New York City every weekday at six to nine heard on 92.3 free f.m. which puts them in competition with Michael Savage who is heard in that same time slot on 710 a.m., and that friends is my current New York radio quandary.

Since I have always loved both programs how do I choose. It is easy when one station has a game on. But what do I do when both shows are on simultaneously? Do I get a second radio installed and try to listen to both at the same time?

Savage tells me about all the things that I should be pissed off about. That is very important. But Ron and Fez keep me laughing. That is also very important. So how am I to resolve this quandary?

I can always hear the first few minutes of Ron and Fez without any problem since they air at six and Savage doesn’t hit the airwaves until after local news ends about 6:06 p.m. E.S.T. and I always want to hear the Ron and Fez intro music. So there is no problem there.

But a few minutes later I get a little bit uncomfortable since I know that Mike is starting to talk and I have to hear what he has to say. The intro of Savage always sets the stage for the night.

To miss that is to walk into a movie after it has already started. You miss the plot and you are lost. And since you never know just what spin Savage is going to place upon a subject it is important to be there. “Be there or be nowhere.”

I guess that I will just have to try to pick the best spots of each show but that in itself is a task since most of each show is the best spot. Why do radio programmers give me such a difficult life? It’s not easy being Snake Oil Sam!

I guess that I should mention something here about Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corporation of America not that this has anything to do with the current topic, but I recognize that the subject D.G.X. is a great way to attract google searches to this site.

Sorry guys, I’ll admit that was a cheap trick. O.K. let me make it worth the read since you didn’t get anything that you have come to expect from me this time. So in order to make it up to the people I love just take my advice and listen to the Ron and Fez show. It will cheer you up if the specimen count goes down because of the United Healthcare contract.

I’m sure that the spooks at Picatinny Arsenal are also reading this since they are doing so much data mining there in the hills of Jefferson Township, so I suggest that you guys listen to Savage since that show is more your speed. As a matter of fact if you listen to what he has to say about the war on terrorism and take his advice and stop playing politically correct games you just might win the war.

Wait a minute, to quote Fez Watley, you guys don’t believe in political correctness. I almost forgot, you guys are C.I.A. and don’t give a rats ass about privacy. Keep up the good work guys. Who cares about privacy when the stakes are so high? And thanks for reading my little blog.

Go team Central Intelligence. Skull and Bones rules!!! Your pal Snake.
Snake Oil Sam
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