Sunday, January 28, 2007

Official Secaucus Website is Source of Municipal Contract Applications

After reading yet another fine article written by Mark J. Bonamo, reporter for The Secaucus Reporter, I just had to write this post to my blog. It seems that the people in charge of government in Secaucus, New Jersey a.k.a. the town council have a bit of an issue with just what website is the correct one, the “official” website for information and the conduct of business with the township.

Since I am never one to skip out on an opportunity to direct traffic here by way of misleading google search meta tags and confusing subject titles, it seemed like a good opportunity to promote myself while at the same time helping some poor lost soul find his way to the real “official” site.

Well if I can help the United States House of Representatives in researching Teterboro, New Jersey, which I in fact did do recently, then helping someone looking for Secaucus, New Jersey seems a rather simple and friendly thing to do. Yes, indeed Snake Oil Sam is a real “Good Samaritan.”

So, now that I have indulged in my narcissistic exercises for the day now please allow me to help you on your way. The website which you are possibly looking for is located here. And I wish you well in all of your business endeavors.
Snake Oil Sam
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