Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ron Bennington Calls For the Destruction of All Sharks

In what can only be described as a routine of pure genius radio talk show funnyman Ron Bennington is calling for the destruction of the shark population in all of Earths oceans. His reasoning is based on the fact that far too many children swimming and surfers enjoying their pastime have been bitten by these thoughtless creatures of the deep.

According to Bennington, his reasoning is that sharks have been around from the beginning of time and they have had their day. It would seem to be a logical position and one which might be worth looking into. Since man is superior to the creatures of the deep, Bennington reasons that it is only right that we should rule the entire world and put sharks in their place.

Once again Bennington has proven to all that he is a valuable asset to 92.3 free f.m. in New York City. Who else could think of such a brilliant topic of discussion? Only the great Ron Bennington and his girl Fez Watley could present a show based on the destruction of sharks and make it a funny subject.

The timing required for such a subject and displayed by this pro radio entertainer is perfect. Bennington and Watley might be one of the funniest comedy teams to do a radio show in a longtime. This is exactly the type of material which New York needs right now. And these boys almost always deliver as advertised.
Snake Oil Sam
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