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Side Effects of Quest Diagnostics United Healthcare Decision

Clearly the executives at Quest Diagnostics made what they believed to be the best possible decision for that company related to the contract demands requested by United Healthcare. The decision resulted in United Healthcare taking its business to Laboratory Corporation of America.

As a prognostication I believe that the current situation will play out in some volume of work being lost by Quest Diagnostics and an increase in work sent to Lab Corporation of America. But in a rush to gain what they thought to be a good deal for them Lab Corp. might just have bitten off more than it can chew.

That will result in doctors becoming fairly well unhappy with the service provided by Lab Corp. and might be reflected in a backlash against United Healthcare. I have been thinking about a possible way in which all parties might eventually come to an agreement which will in the long term prove beneficial to everyone.

But that is something I will expound on in the near future. Right now I want to delve into the current side effects of the situation on the home turf of Quest Diagnostics. Clearly they will be doing some belt tightening in order to deal with any loss of revenue. The easy path would be to make people do more with less.

However that is, I am reminded one of the things which recently set off a union push which was soundly defeated, not at little cost I might add. It is not a situation where all who were involved were ever satisfied and some have been waiting in the wings for just such opportunity for what might now emerge due in large part to the current financial concerns of the executives at Quest Diagnostics.

To be penny wise and pound foolish someone once wrote. I don’t know what the executives of Quest Diagnostics are planning in regard to belt tightening and that is a problem. No one in the ranks has heard much of anything official from what I am being told by my acquaintances there in the trenches.

But what I am hearing is something which should be of immediate concern to administration at Teterboro. Indeed it is noted here that the union agitating whores who would wish to find any reason to stir the pot and bring it to a boil are once again gearing up to agitate unionization as union whores will by their very nature do.

I apologize to anyone reading this that might be in favor of unions but I am clearly not one of those people. It has something to due with a very old story involving the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, a union representative, two ducks, a bottle of high grade Kentucky bourbon whiskey and a banjo.

It would explain my sheer hatred of unions and union representatives, my fear of ducks, my love of high grade Kentucky bourbon whiskey and my abhorrence of the theme from the motion picture titled Deliverance.

But that is a story which I really don’t want to think about anymore. It just goes to show that a well qualified psychoanalytic couch can be a good thing. Anyway, the administration of Quest Diagnostics should consider keeping their employees in the loop in regard to the fallout of the United Healthcare issue. From what I am told this has not been the case so far.

And that is in my opinion feeding into the sowing of union seed in the fertile soil of fear caused by a lack of timely information. I am sure that the executives have their hands full with what they believe to be more serious concerns namely keeping the company profitable.

But this is a situation which is exactly what the union agitating whores need to develop for their own agenda. When someone who depends on that paycheck feels any degree of anxiety about their position and being treated fairly and not being worked into the ground they tend to be very open to believe the distorted statements being made by union agitating whores.

The administration of Quest Diagnostics is spending countless hours reading this blog on an almost daily basis. And am truly happy to have you read my words if you find them worth reading. But you really should be spending at least some of that time concerning yourself with a very real threat to the wellbeing of your company, a union.

Let’s face it the last thing that you need right now is another union push. This one just might be the one which puts the union over the top. It can be put down like the sick dog which it is by simply communicating with those people whom you had to contend with last time.

I say simply this, open dialog and communication is the key in this issue. I have no doubt that you will get through it. But when, as I am told, word is being spread that people are going to be forced to “work through their lunch or break time” and that people who work overtime on weekends will be forced to “take a weekday off to cut that overtime,” a scenario which makes no logical sense to me, it is clearly time that administration, the human resources department and the legal department at Quest Diagnostics start to tell people facts.

Even if the facts are painful facts, the fact is that it is important that the facts be as factual as possible in order for you folks to be able to contain and control that house of pain. So those are my thoughts on your business situation at this point in time.

Just remember that people do not view or believe the old adage “No news is good news” as true. And the news that they get is the news that the listen to. And right now the only news forthcoming is union whore agitator news. Word!
Snake Oil Sam
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