Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Smile and a Kind Word Goes a Long Way!

I can add little to the thoughts expressed by Bruce Friedman in his recent addition to his site Lab Soft News. I can only say that any executive reading this should pay serious attention to the experience of the individual who was subject to this sort of treatment.

It is clear that in light of the current situation Lab Corporation of America needs to communicate the same message to their employees as it is attempting to communicate to the general public.

No amount of money spent can ever undo the harm which an individual who has been poorly treated can do to the image of a company. And when that company has much riding on image, then the client experience is, or at least should be, foremost in the mind of every single employee of the company at every level. This is especially true of front line employees.

One has to wonder what the patient experience will be like for anyone who is going to have blood drawn or submit to a urine test when said test is being performed in a facility which was designed and built as a drug store and never had any plans for use as a patient service center. Yet that is the advertised goal of Lab Corporation of America in the New York City region

How does one even control the submission of urine for a drug screening in such an environment? Is it even possible to do such a screening test while assuring the legitimacy of the specimen being provided by a client in the environment of a chain of retail drug stores?

I urge everyone reading this to also read the
article written by Mr. Friedman and also to click on and read the links he provides within.

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