Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Michael Savage a Political Contender?

Considering what might prove to be one of the most interesting political announcements in recent history, radio talk show host Michael Savage has indicated on his nationally syndicated program that he is mulling over the idea of running for the highest office in the nation.

This has been received with comments such as go for it Mike and don’t do it Mike I need to hear you on radio. Obviously if Savage is serious about this matter he would be obligated to give up the radio show.

I don’t see him giving up the show in order to do this. It is likely only being done in order to raise a little sweat on the brow of the D.C. crew who would be hard pressed to face off with Savage in a political debate.

Clearly Savage would make mince meat out of any potential opponent. By being in the debate field he would clearly raise issues which all of his political foes would want to avoid. Savage would prove to be the gadfly of the political scene if he were to really make a bid for the White House.

My own feeling is that as much as I would love to see him run for high office it would be a problem for me as
I also am seeking 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as an address at which I might reside for a time.

By running Savage would make my plans for lodging at the White House a bit more of a task than I had planned. After all running against Savage is going to be a little bit more difficult than running against Ms. Clinton.

So even if Savage does decide to run I would ask that you at least give me some consideration. But if not then I am sure that the nation will remain secure with Michael Savage at the helm.
Snake Oil Sam
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