Friday, February 16, 2007

Quest Diagnostics Turns Up Heat

Quest Diagnostics C.E.O. Surya Mohapatra announced a new advertising campaign designed to inform clients that his company is still in the game. In what is a campaign intended to let patients know that of those doctors who expressed a preference in testing laboratories the results are in and they say that Quest Diagnostics was their first choice by far.

The survey conducted by National Analysts Worldwide
indicates that of the survey group of doctors nationwide who have a preference Quest Diagnostics was rated higher than Lab Corp. in eleven critical areas including quality and service.

An advertising campaign announcing those results is now under way in 15 major markets. It appears that Quest Diagnostics is not being put off by the threatened fine announced by United Healthcare along with other sanctions against doctors who dare go out of network under the terms of the contract of service provider.

Of course that threatening fine action on the part of United Healthcare has resulted in a lot of angry medical professionals
. The result of that is yet to be seen and I will be making some comments on that issue in a different article. But I would suggest to United Healthcare that you just back off the gas a little.

One of the features of the Quest Diagnostics campaign is the matter of quality. No one would argue that quality is important and anyone can make a mistake. But the recent mistake made by Laboratory Corporation of America surly couldn’t have thrilled the execs at that company in the middle of a major advertising blitz.

In the meantime it is a certainty that Laboratory Corporation of America is going to have to revisit their radio campaign as it is getting very old very quickly. It is getting to the point that people in their cars are beginning to punch out when they hear the voices of the play actors who are talking about all the many virtues of Lab Corp.

The new Quest Diagnostics campaign was launched in the print media but I believe that it will also contain a new radio version as well. We would hope that the radio segment is not as dull as their competitions radio spots.
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