Thursday, February 08, 2007

Richard Bey Guests on 92.3 New York

When you say the name Richard Bey anywhere in New York City most people will recognize the name. Yes, he is the guy who had that wacky television show a few years ago on Channel 9, then W.W.O.R. New York City. Actually the license was in New York but Bey broadcast out of the studios in beautiful Secaucus, New Jersey.

So now that he has been on 92.3 this week all of his many fans have had the chance of once again listening and talking to the man with the golden voice. Unlike many of the guest hosts in this time slot who are generally unknown and of little talent, Dick Bey is someone who knows his way around the microphone.

Since he was last heard at 77 W.A.B.C. where he was suddenly replaced by Monica Crowley it seems that he has been keeping busy on things like satellite radio. That is something I learned from the man himself in some e-mail correspondence. Yes I do have his super secret e-mail address and you will never be able to beat it out of me. Still the idea sounds like fun so feel free to give it a try.

We would really like to see him return on a regular schedule on terrestrial radio. I believe that this guy would be a real asset to any radio station which picked him up. And I do have a pretty good ear for radio talent. After all it was I, Snake Oil Sam who as strange as it may sound is pretty much responsible for Hannity having a nationally syndicated radio program thanks to my letter written to Mainelli many years ago.

That letter of mine which was forwarded by Mainelli to The Big Guy was what was responsible for Hannity serving a full two weeks as a Limbaugh vacation fill in, which resulted in Hannity receiving national media attention and his current national radio show. One of the first things which Hannity did if you recall was to break the Golden E.I.B. microphone.

So if I have any pull with you John how about getting Richard Bey a full time gig at 92.3 f.m. in New York City. You are doing a great job resurrecting what was until recently the laughing stock of New York radio 92.3 f.m. Bringing Bey onboard fulltime can only make it even better.
Snake Oil Sam
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