Monday, February 12, 2007

Ron and Fez a One Man Show?

Apparently Fez Whatley suffered a heart attack at some point in time during their absence from New York radio. Such a medical condition would explain the failure of Fez to any longer do the Friday fezitorial. It might very well be that it was the fezitorial which caused the heart attack in the first place. One has to wonder how he didn’t have a heart attack in the middle of some of those past fezitorials.

It is sad since Ron Bennington seems to be holding up both ends of the show lately. Fez simply seems to be along for the ride. When left alone I the studio, Fez seems unable to even keep a simple conversation with the audience going on his own. Fez almost had an anxiety attack recently when Ron and the crew walked out on air leaving Fez all alone. But it was a pretty funny bit on Ron’s part.

It is sad to see such a situation and I would ask that Ron encourage Fez to be more involved in the program. Sometime it is even hard to determine if Fez is in the studio. I often wonder if Ron sent him out to get the coffee.

After all it is the Ron and Fez show but lately it has become the Ron and EastSide show. Fez needs to take some vitamins and do a little more talking. Perhaps Ron can prompt Fez to get on air a little more than he has been. The show has been a little off track lately.
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