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Why Michael Savage will never run for the Presidency

Syndicated radio talk show host Michael Savage has said that he is mulling the idea of running for the Presidency of the United States of America. By placing a poll at his website asking listeners if he should run for the office he has received a substantial number of positive votes. Considering that the people who visit his website are his listeners going there at his behest then that positive result should not come as any great surprise.

That positive result will and indeed already has given Savage something to talk about on his program. He himself stated on at least one occasion which I am aware of something on the order of, show me any other candidate who is able to get over a million votes on a website. Even in view of the positive result it is highly doubtful that Savage would ever officially announce as a real candidate.

The fact that Savage has any voice at all, in terms of any power or influence which he might boast about, is due directly to his daily exposure on a nationally syndicated talk show. Were he to formally announce as a candidate for that high office he would immediately be compelled to resign his radio position.

Savage must not ever do that for fear of entering the abyss of media oblivion even though that media be a hostile media. Savage is destined to continue to mull an issue which will prove to be always beyond reach of any honest man.

Like it or not Michael Savage is nothing without that bully pulpit of the broadcast studio. Without a microphone in front of him Savage has no soapbox. The media would completely compartmentalize and ignore Michael Savage and he knows that. Even now with a radio show Savage gets little to no media coverage and any which he might get is about that “Nazi” who rants his hate filled speech on the radio.

Since the ordinary citizen only hears what the mainstream media has to say about anyone then the average man will believe that media lie just as readily as they believe all media lies. The public view of Michael Savage the presidential candidate will be no more or less positive than it already is. He will be at the mercy of the media and without a microphone to make a daily defense of his positions.

Since the public has the attention span and memory ability of a pigeon in a park filled with stale breadcrumbs, Savage and his internet website million plus votes will soon be forgotten as will he.

But you argue that Savage will have the same ability as all candidates in getting out his message. That is wishful thinking since you need three basic things for getting out that message in order to become the President of the United States of America.

To start with you are required to have a tremendous amount of funding. Far more than Savage could provide through his own personal wealth. Even with the financial support of his current listeners he could not do it since the majority of funding for political campaigns comes from corporate sponsorship which Savage would not ever have any share in.

Savage would need the backing of a highly organized national campaign network which Savage has not even begun to form. It is doubtful that he could ever accomplish that task in the timeframe required for it to have any effect. Remember, he will no longer have a nationally syndicated radio show, his true stock in trade.

Savage would require the backing of the national media which Savage clearly does not now nor will he ever have. If he did have such backing then he would be a sweetheart of the media and if that were the case then he would no longer be the man which he is. Remember, the only reason for voting for Savage is because he is his own man.

The only thing which Savage could do that would make any sense at all would be for him to find a dark horse and place the full weight of his influence behind that individual. By doing so he could retain his bully pulpit and truly have his voice heard by America.

Many people would, I believe, support the person who was to receive the papal blessing of Michael Savage. That is the only way that Michael Savage and the Savage Nation could possibly have any voice in a nation which at one time belonged to the people.

The only other option which is available to Savage in which he could be a candidate and still retain his bully pulpit would be to be a write in candidate. And now we have entered the realm of the long shot. People telling people that Savage is truly a man of the people and then writing in that name might be the only way to send a powerful message to Washington.

Of course there is always the option for those reading this who aren’t intending to cast a vote for Savage and who also don’t like any of the declared candidates to write in Snake Oil Sam as I am also in contention for that lofty office.

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