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Why Snake, Do You Blog?

During a conversation about communication I was asked a question. It was as stated above, why do I Snake Oil Sam blog? As much as I blog I have never spent much time thinking about reasons why I or for that matter others blog. I suppose the simple answer would be for the same reason that a dog licks his balls. But that answer is not really a sufficient reason.

So I said that I would have to give it some thought and that my response would be forthcoming in the form of a blog post. That response in and of itself offers, I think a small degree of insight into the reason I blog. The very fact that I can communicate a response to the question to a wide audience available to them at their convenience is an excellent reason to blog.

Thinking back to past conversations on the subject, though limited in scope, I recalled a conversation with a friend who was taking a psychology class. During this class the subject of the importance of communicating came up as a part of the nights topics for discussion.

The professor, a well respected psychologist asked the class about some of the ways in which we communicate in modern society. Among the many responses the one which caught the interest of the professor was a comment made by my friend. His answer was the he was a prolific blogger.

Not knowing much about what was then a new means of communication the professor asked for an explanation of exactly what a blog was. After he received the explanation of the basics of the concept of blogging the professor put the question to my friend, why do you blog.

My friend who being considerably brighter than myself seemed to have an answer for the professor right away, though he made his explanation by way of a series of questions to the professor in an attempt to draw out the answer.

First he asked the professor this seemingly strange question. Have you sir ever had a case in which a client was treated for publicly masturbating? Though failing to see the relationship with the topic, still the professor indulged the student.

Indeed he had any number of such cases during his lengthy career as he had worked closely with the police department and social services in a large city. What then did you find to be the answer to this situation as it related to these individuals?

The professor said that he could not attribute any one cause to this condition, that in fact there was any number of reasons for such behavior. So tell us the primary three reasons why this activity was taking place in the lives of these individuals.

Well, in one case it seems that the individual practiced this behavior because he wished to express his discontent with society at large. He wished to express his contempt for authority figures and his revulsion that society had rejected him and refused to allow him to excel due to his not holding a formal degree in the arts even though it was apparent that he was far more intelligent than some who held administrative power over him.

In fact it appeared that his intellect was borderline genius. The boiling caldron of rage within drove him to his antisocial actions.

In yet another case the behavior was attributed to a desire to push the societal envelope and get people to test just how far they could go before the weight of administrative authority came crashing down on them. He desired to see the little people stand up for what was rightfully their heritage, their birthright, freedom.

Basically he wanted to say to everyone that even though you likely know who I really am, my true identity, I dare you to take action against me. He was perhaps the most deeply disturbed of the three. He in effect had a death wish caused by years of psychological abuse at the hands of his tormentors. He acted as he did in public simply to serve as a safety valve in order to prevent himself from doing anything which would cause serious harm to others.

In truth he was a sweetheart of a guy whom people simply misjudged as a social misfit. In truth he wouldn’t harm a pussy cat. All his bluster was just that bluster, pure snake oil. It was something which was conceived and designed to hide his deeply held fears of being viewed and judged as a total failure in life. Failure, a thing viewed as something which is considered to be unacceptable in our society. It was something which he could not permit himself to accept about himself.

The only response to the acceptance of the truth would be to eliminate himself, to erase himself from the book of life. That thought was never far off but he knew that if he lived each day, one by one that someday things would change. His entire life was hinged to that one single thought. Hope!

The third individual did what he did in public simply because he was bored out of his mind and had nothing better to do. So he did what he did in a public venue so that all would know just how he felt about social issues.

After having listened intently to the professor as he related the case histories and the reason for which the behaviors occurred, the professor’s student looked at the professor and said, “I guess those are the same reasons I blog.”

Yes, blogging is a great way to express contempt for society. It is a great way to push the envelope. It is also a great way in which to kill time when you are bored to death. But having said all of these things I have come to conclude that the best reason which I can offer for blogging this article and everything else I blog is that it allows me the chance to communicate ideas to any who venture forth in the garden of Snake Oil Sam.

Yes, it appears that blogging is nothing more than pure intellectual and psychological masturbation of the mind. It is in the case of the blogger auto eroticism. From the perspective of the reader it is nothing more than a voyeuristic journey into the late night suicidal fantasies of someone whom you will likely never have the chance to meet in person.

On the other hand perhaps the true reason why I blog is the same reason the dog mentioned earlier licks his balls. Because he can!
Snake Oil Sam
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