Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Bridge Is a Nice Gift

Have you ever had a difficult time finding the perfect gift for the man or woman in you life? Well if you have then I have the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. A bridge! That’s right a bridge. Sure it is a little old and could use a fresh coat of paint, but the price is really a bargain. Actually it is free to anyone willing to move it from the current location.

And if that seems like too much work then the current owner, PennDot, will permit you to leave it at the current location which is above the Upper Delaware River at Pond Eddy, New York.

In either event, whether you move the bridge to a new location, or keep it where it is you must agree to be responsible for any costs associated with the rehabilitation and future maintenance of the structure.

The bridge is a familiar landmark to those who travel North and South on scenic route 97 along the Upper Delaware River in Sullivan County New York. This bridge is on the Federal Register of Historic Places so you can be sure that it not just some old insignificant bridge.

As an added incentive to anyone wanting the bridge, PennDot, with the help of the Federal Highway Administration, will pay for dismantling the structure if the new owner wishes to move the bridge to another more suitable location.

I would consider taking it for myself but Mrs. Sam is always complaining about all the stuff that I drag home already. You know one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. So, if I bring a full size 30 ton steel bridge home I know that she is going to have a few choice words.

Since I am writing this article on March 1, 2007 it occurs to me that this is the day that United Healthcare has threatened to begin to fine doctors who send lab work out of network. What does this have to do with a bridge?

Well, since if they do in fact fine doctors in the way that they have said that they will, then United Healthcare is going to need to build a bridge back to all of the medical professionals who jump ship.

This free bridge could be a perfect opportunity for United Healthcare to get a leg up on the bridge building. This bridge is already good to go and sturdy enough to support all of the doctors who are going to walk away from United Healthcare when they receive the penalty notices in the mail.

So if anyone of the executives at United Healthcare or anyone else reading this blog is interested in obtaining this free bridge I here and now advise you to contact PennDot District Environmental Manager Gregory Augustine at 570-963-4070 in order to get the ball rolling.

Don’t wait, a sweet deal like this doesn’t come along every day and it won’t be long before some lucky person or group will be able to hold their head up high and declare that they are the proud new owners of the
historic Pond Eddy Bridge.
Snake Oil Sam
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