Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hot Wired

The internet is a fascinating place of discovery, information and maybe even power. I recently wrote an article on the subject of the outcome of a “wrongful birth” lawsuit in which Laboratory Corporation of America was a defendant. Because of a simple comment on a financial message board this blog was hammered with hits from across the U.S. from a link back to this blog from that message board.

The question asked about the court case in that financial message board post was something on the order of “when was the case heard in court?” All that I can say is that it was heard just prior to the date of my original article about the subject of the court award against Lab Corporation of America.

What I really find mind blowing is that anyone who is interested in Wall Street, you know the guys who just took it on the chin, are interested in what I have to say about this or anything for that matter. After all, I am just a small town snake oil salesman.

Could it be that old Snake has the juice on Wall Street? Could it be that old Snake could possibly with the use of words affect the value of the stock of either Quest Diagnostics or Lab Corporation of America? Are stock market investors making buy and sell orders after reading my humble little blog? Wow, now that is a somewhat disturbing thought.

Smile the next time you see me folks. I got the juice!
Snake Oil Sam
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