Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is Fez Whatley a Basket Case?

Suddenly it seems to be clear why Fez has not been there for Ron Bennington and the boys as I have suggested in a past post. After hearing how much mental anguish Fez has been going through recently it makes me feel badly for him.

Apparently Fez is suffering from some sort of extreme psychological issue which may be related to his difficult childhood trauma. Growing up in his dysfunctional family might have sewn the seeds to his current issues.

Ron, being such a good friend is attempting to help his sidekick and girlfriend through counseling and hypnotic therapy. In addition to being of benefit to Fez it makes for a great radio bit. But if Fez truly wants to get better he really needs to consider being put on a good non generic medication.

It is also important for Fez to remember that “Monkey house rocks a fat ass.” Fez is someone who needs to overcome his obsessive compulsive disorder and I know that he can do it. You have it in you Fez. Don’t let your mental condition get you down. I never let it bother me. You can be a total lunatic and still function in society.

Remember Fez, “Mighty horse rocks a fat ass.”

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