Friday, April 20, 2007

Advertising and the Accountability of News Agencies

Apparently a number of people are angry that N.B.C. has chosen to broadcast images and words of the nut cake shooter in the Virginia Tech incident. Of course now that they have provided all outlets with those images it is simply something which we will have to live with like it or not.

The government cannot or should not attempt to control the news media for the dissemination of news is their job and right. If the government can prevent someone from showing images which they perhaps should not show, then that same government can prevent them from showing images which they should show.

And with the job of reporting and showing news as with any job comes responsibility and accountability. So if an action which causes others to copycat the reported event occurs it might be argued that those who caused the copycat event by the public exhibition of the news are to be held accountable.

But this reasoning does not hold up as it is not sound or rational. So what then is the solution to this problem? Clearly the people who take such action in the glorification of criminal activity do so for profit. So it is up to the people who are offended by the news outlets to take that profit away by making it clear to the advertisers that they will no longer support the advertises and their product or service.

That is exactly what happened when the advertisers cast Don Imus to the wolves. So it is clearly apparent that the tactic works. If you are offended by the news media and their actions don’t tell them since they don’t care. They only care about the bottom line. Tell the advertisers instead.

Hurt that bottom line by telling the advertisers supporting those outlets such as N.B.C. that you are not giving them your money and they will very quickly pull their advertising dollars out of that media outlet.

So there you have it Boss the solution that you need even though it might not be the way that you want to hear it said. But said it is. Now start calling those advertisers. Break the bank of N.B.C. and you will have your day in the court of public opinion, the most important court in the land.

In order to stay alive you must win the hearts of the people this I tell you this day gladiator.
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